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Harlem Woman Says Rihanna’s Lipstick Gave Her Herpes

Ok, now this is just stupid. You’re a grown woman, why would you let someone put something on your lips that they’ve used on the general public. Test that on the back of your palm first genius:

A Harlem woman claims in a lawsuit that she got herpes at a Rihanna concert in Brooklyn from lipstick the singer endorsed.

Starkeema Greenidge, 28, alleges she contracted the virus when a representative of MAC Cosmetics applied a used tube of RiRi Woo to her smackers.

“I wasn’t able to work for two weeks. It cost me a lot of money,” Greenidge, a waitress, told the Daily News on Wednesday.

She said she slapped MAC with the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court in hopes of forcing the company to be more sanitary in the future. Greenidge also said the company should train its employees to use disposable tubes or swabs to apply the lipstick.

“This is going to happen over and over again if nothing is done,” said Greenidge.

When she went to the May 7 Barclays Center concert, she stopped at a MAC popup shop there and let a rep apply ruby-red lipstick to her upper lip.

The employee instructed her to “press her lips together and spread the lipstick around,” according to the suit.

“(MAC) didn’t use a fresh or new lipstick tube, but rather one that had been used for other patrons,” the suit charges.

Starkeema Greenidge's Manhattan lawsuit claims the MAC pop-up shop outside of Barclays was where she sampled the lipstick that gave her herpes.


Starkeema Greenidge’s Manhattan lawsuit claims the MAC pop-up shop outside of Barclays was where she sampled the lipstick that gave her herpes.

The suit contends MAC “should have known . . . it was unsanitary and exposing patrons to possible spread of disease.”

Two days later, Greenidge developed a cold sore on her lip that her doctor diagnosed as herpes.

Requesting unspecified damages, Greenidge claims the herpes has caused her “mental anguish and emotional distress.”

MAC officials could not be reached for comment. Rihanna signed a deal in February to create her own MAC makeup line.

MAC officials could not be reached for comment. Rihanna signed a deal with the makeup giant In February to create her own cosmetics line. Her RiRi Woo lipstick was inspired by the singer’s favorite MAC red, Ruby Woo lipstick, according to the company’s announcement of the deal.

Via NYDialyNews

Miguel Faces Lawsuit Over Injuring Fan with Leg Drop at Billboard Awards

Looks like your boy Miguel might have to face some legal trouble behind his long jump stunt fail at the Billboard Awards after all.

Via EOnline:

Khyati Shah—the audience member who was accidentally landed on by the singer during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks back—is now “considering” legal action.

Miguel, Billboard Music Awards

Shah’s attorney, Vip Bhola, tells E! News exclusively that a decision will be made soon on whether to file a lawsuit against Miguel pending Khyati’s most recent medical results. He noted that the fan has been experiencing “difficulties” as a result of the incident.

“We will determine that after we have feedback from medical providers,” Bhola told E! News, declining to give a timeline on when any civil action might be filed.

The attorney also added that he has not spoken to the performer’s legal representatives, but did leave open the possibility of a settlement.

Shortly after he crash-landed on top of her during a poorly timed jump across the stage, Khyati was all smiles in an interview alongside the crooner while holding an ice pack on her elbow.

If Miguel’s PR team was smart, they would’ve offered to pay  for MRIs for both of the ladies upon whom he landed, as well as all follow up care, and a package of chiropractic and spa treatments BEFORE it got to this. He might’ve been able to avoid this much more costly lawsuit if he did. Looks like Khyati’s lawer is setting Miguel up to settle this out of court before it gets too costly for him. Hopefully, Miguel learned his lesson and keeps his clumsy ass feet on the ground from now on.

Jury Sentences Mario McNeill to Death for Murder of 5 Year Old Shaniya Davis

This verdict has been four years in the making and is a bitter sweet form of justice for Shaniya’s family. Next up definitely needs to be Shaniya’s mother for selling her daughter to this dude in the first place. R.I.P. Shaniya Davis:

Via ABC:

Jurors in the Mario McNeill murder trial quickly decided Wednesday that he should be sentenced to death for the murder of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis.

The jury in the case reached their verdict within 30 minutes of receiving instructions from a judge following an one-sided closing argument from prosecutors for why McNeill should get the death penalty. The court then accepted the sentence.

Following the decision, the judge and Shaniya’s father, Brad Lockhart, addressed McNeill.

Lockhart told McNeill from the witness stand that he made a mockery of the court by laughing and smirking.

“You didn’t win,” he said. “I’m just going to pray for you.”

“You did not have to kill that child,” the judge added.

McNeill replied, “I didn’t.”

The judge then told Shaniya’s family, “I can’t give you justice.”

On Tuesday, McNeill went against the advice of his legal team and told the judge he did not want to present any evidence or call witnesses in the penalty phase of his trial.

Last week, they found the 33 year old guilty of first-degree murder.

McNeill was found not guilty of first-degree rape of a child, but guilty of first-degree kidnapping, human trafficking with a child victim, sexual servitude with a child victim, sexual offense of a child and indecent liberties with a child charges.

Prosecutors said in 2009, McNeill took the child from her Fayetteville home to sexually assault her at a motel in Sanford before killing her and dumping her body in an area known to be a place where deer hunters dump carcasses just off N.C. Highway 87 near the Lee-Harnett County line.

District Attorney Billy West thanked the judge, jury, and community for their interest in the case.

“The case had many twists and turns, and we just stuck to the evidence that we knew we wanted to present and how we wanted to present it, and we saw that through, and fortunately justice was done in the end,” West said.

The state also asked that the jury not sympathize with McNeill for not having his defense team put on a case.

Normally in such cases, both the prosecution and the defense call witnesses and present evidence during a trial’s penalty phase.

“As defense lawyers, we can’t help but wonder would it have made a difference if we would have been able to present mitigating evidence. [McNeill] definitely went against the advice of counsel,” defense attorney Butch Pope said. “Both Terry Alford and I are a little bit empty feeling right now. Certainly it was a disappointment.

An alternate juror spoke to ABC11 after McNeill was sentenced to death. The mother of three and first grade teacher called Wednesday a bittersweet day.

“It’s a happy day because they reached the verdict that I would have reached. But it’s also a really hard day to not feel sadness for his family, to feel sadness for her family, and just to feel like this is finally over,” said Melanie Baker. “I hope that I’ll get over the hurt and the anger that it happened. I hope that lessens, but I don’t think the memory will.”

McNeill arrived at Central Prison in Raleigh late Wednesday afternoon.

Prosecutors have also charged Shaniya’s mother, Antoinette Davis, with selling her daughter to McNeill to pay a drug debt. Davis hasn’t been tried yet.

9-Year Old Asean Johnson Shocks Crowd in Speech Protesting School Closings [Video]

God bless the child that can hold his own. It’s ironic that 9 year old Asean Johnson is from Chicago which we all know by now has become synonymous with crime, gangs and murder as of lately. When faced with the prospect of politicians closing his school, as well as many others, this young man did what most adults couldn’t do: He’s fighting the unjust closing of 54 Chicago schools with the type of passion that commands  attention. This young man is a born revolutionary. Its a shame the media constantly focuses on the the negative teens in Chicago instead of highlighting kids like this:

Asean Johnson, 9, a student at Chicago’s Marcus Garvey Elementary School, electrified a crowd of hundreds speaking at a rally to protest the closing of 54 Chicago Public Schools by an un-elected board appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama.

Rahm thinks we are all toys…he is not caring about our schools; he’s not caring about our safety,”  He only cares about his kids. He [does] not care about anyone but himself. He moved a woman in from Detroit who don’t even know anything about the streets of Chicago to close these schools. She should not be closing these schools. They need safety and protection.

“You should be investing in these schools, not closing them. You should be supporting these schools, not closing them,” Asean said as the crowd roared with approval. “We shall not be moved today. We’re going to city hall; we are informing Rahm Emanuel [that] we are not toys. We are not going down without a fight.”

“It is 90 percent of school closings are African American. This is racism right here.

Asean ended his call-to-action with his right fist in the air and the powerful chant:

“Education is our right, that is why we have to fight.”

“The words were all his,” said  teacher, Lori Harris, who added that she helped with grammar.


After the 3rd-grader’s passionate speech, he marched around the area with a megaphone, chanting:

“Rahm, let’s face it, your policies are racist.”

Asean, who became class president last November, said that he wants to be a football player, but “president would be my second choice,” he said. “And I might want to be a scientist or a lawyer. Those are going to be my two backup plans.”

As previously reported by NewsOne, the Chicago Board of Education voted Wednesday to close 50 schools and angry parents are contemplating leaving the city:

“No question about it,” said Alison Burke, whose 3-year-old son is in the pre-kindergarten program at Trumbull Elementary. “I’ve talked to hundreds of parents who all say if their kids can’t get into neighborhood schools they can’t stay.”

Emanuel is sticking to his guns, claiming that he’s doing what’s best for Chicago:

“I will absorb the political consequence so our children have a better future,” Emanuel said. “If I was to shrink from something the city has discussed for over a decade about what it needed to do … because it was politically too tough, but then watch another generation of children drop out or fail in their reading and math, I don’t want to hold this job.”

Yes, he cares so much that he announced the building of a $55 million basketball stadium.

If First Lady Michelle Obama is concerned about Black children becoming “ballers and rappers,” she should probably ask her husband’s friend why he’s prioritizing sports stadiums over schools. – Via NewsOne

Check out the video and the excellent interview he gave afterwards:


The Month of May Was Legalizing Marijuana Reform’s Best Month & You Ain’t Even Know It

Marijuana made some huge strides in the road to legalization during the month of May virtually under everyone’s radar:

Via BusinessInsider:

It has been six months since Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana, and the momentum for changing the way states handle pot has never been stronger.

May was a huge month for marijuana reform supporters, with a string of significant wins and important milestones as more and more states lean toward a laissez-faire approach to marijuana.

First and foremost, the Colorado Legislature successfully navigated its first big regulatory test, inventing the legal framework for a marijuana economy.

House Bill 1317 was the law that resulted from Amendment 64, the ballot initiative that legalized pot, dictating that Coloradans can buy an ounce of pot from specially licensed stores. House Bill 1318 set up the tax infrastructure for the market, which will go up for voter referendum in November.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoying the wacky tobacky

Gov. John Hickenlooper is set to sign both bills today, according to KDVR.

There’s also been significant movement in other states in pursuing a similar system. May saw the NYPD’s arrest numbers for marijuana offenses begin to decline, Christopher Robbins at Gothamist reported, with Commissioner Ray Kelly pushing pot to the back seat in favor of drugs that have dangerous effects.

New York City arrests for marijuana possession are set to drop 20% in 2013.

Upstate in Albany, State Senator Liz Krueger swore to introduce a law to decriminalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in New York State, Dana Rubenstein at Capital New York reported.

The Empire State has been floated as one which could be in the next batch of states that, like Colorado and Washington, have a legal marijuana economy.

On the West Coast, incoming Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti indicated Monday he supports legalizing marijuana for general use. This comes a month after California Lieutenant Governor — and potential 2014 gubernatorial candidate — Gavin Newsom penned an op-ed calling for California to legalize pot.

Most interesting of all is movement in Illinois to approve medical marijuana. The bill passed the state Senate earlier this month and awaits Gov. Pat Quinn’s signature.

On the whole, the political success for marijuana in May is really just the implementation of American’s changing views on pot.

A Reason-Rupe poll from earlier this month found that a mere 6% of Americans think marijuana possession should be punished with jail time. This, combined with a new majority of Americans supporting legalization, has dealt a devastating blow to opponents of legalization.

Miguel Says “Black People are the Most Judgemental People in the World”

Miguel has had a tough week. After adorning an unsuspecting fan with a leg drop, he’s now causing a ruckus in Twittersphere when he tweeted “Black people are the most judgemental in the world” after a fan accused him of selling his soul:

“Im proud of my heritage but honestly, black people are the most judgmental people in the world. Shits sad man. We’ve been conditioned, pre-programmed to hate ourselves. That’s why I appreciate those who choose to think and act for themselves regardless of ethnicity or culture. The problem can not be fixed until the problem is recognized. Not everyone is the same thank goodness. And obviously, I love all my fans. Of course EVERYONE is judgemental. I just PERSONALLY believe WE are the most critical of our own.”

Twitter lit up after Miguel made these comments with many people agreeing with Miguel’s sentiment although even more people diasgreed saying Miguel is a hypocrite making that blanket statement asserting that the statement is judgemental in itself.  Does Miguel make a good point or is he being judgemental himself?

Nicki Minaj & Hot 97’s Peter Rosenburg Finally Meet Face-to-Face to Air Out Beef

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.06.24 AM

Peter Rosenburg infamously dissed Nicki Minaj’s Starships track right before she was set to perform at last year’s SummerJam. Nicki, not taking Rosenburg’s opinion too well, decided to cancel her performance completely. This was their first sit-down with eachother since their incident occured and it went something like this:

Via NicoleBitchie:

Nicki on what she would have done differently looking back In hindsight:

I should have just did the show. I’ve never allowed anyone to make me let my fans down. Even if it wasn’t a Nicki Minaj fan, just a fan in general, in hindsight, I should have come out because it’s my hometown especially and they shouldn’t have been brought into whatever we were going through. I apologize for not coming out and not doing the show because they had nothing to do with that. When I thought about it, a whole bunch of people were punished for something they knew nothing about. Something they couldn’t control and it was really no way for me to make it up so I felt really bad about the whole situation.

Nicki on why she was offended by Peter Rosenberg’s jab during last year’s Summer Jam:

I get it, that’s what you do, to me…I just don’t know your resume. I never found you funny, I never found you entertaining, I never found you smart, I just found you annoying.  I grew up on Hot 97. I know Angie and [Funkmaster] Flex and Mr. Cee and all of these people, and whether they like me, I just know their resume. That’s why I called Flex. With you, it’s like, who are you? To me, you don’t have enough of a resume to make those comments but you did, and it is what it is.

Being white also struck a chord with me. I was like, ‘He is on a black station with black people.’ I just didn’t like the feel of it. I was thinking those pop stations, they don’t really get on there and blast the pop artists like that.

On Hip Hop heads being disappointed that she did Starships:

I don’t give a rat’s ass if people don’t like Starships. Starships sold 7 million records worldwide, that means 7 million mutha—– liked Starships. That’s fine, I would feel like that too. You also have to remember I am not your typical rapper. I am not your typical person. I just did the biggest TV show in America for God’s sake. I appreciate that you do see me as an emcee, because that’s what I do and that’s who I am. People try not to give me my credit but I really do this so when I step out and do a pop song, a lot of people are disappointed by that. I totally get it, I don’t judge you, I’m not mad at people if they don’t like it. But I wanted to experiment.

My whole career has been a playing field for me to try new things. I never put a limit on myself. I don’t like when we, especially black women, put a limit on what we can do. If I really wanted to right now, I can go back in and make another pop record like that to sell [millions of records] but I’m choosing not to do it. I’m choosing to get back to my essence and just feed the core Hip Hop fan. I feel like I need [Hip Hop] because it’s just a more powerful platform for me.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.40.41 AM

Peter Rosenberg on why it’s such a big deal that Nicki Minaj did pop records:

In the history of this game, if you look at it in terms of sales, reach and actually touching people, there is Nicki Minaj and Lauryn Hill. In terms of actual global reach, and let’s be real, Lauryn Hill made a Fugees album that made a difference and one solo album that made a difference, you’ve already surpassed that so you are an iconic female rap artist. It’s not surprising that you create major conversations when you switch directions in any way.

Nicki Minaj On experimenting with different types of music and getting back to the essence of Hip Hop:

Not only did I do it, I won doing it. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if Starships didn’t sell that much but because it became so big, it erased everything else I was doing. It overshadowed everything else [I did in Hip Hop.] I feel like I did it, but I don’t need to do it again. I’ve been doing a lot of rap features and just getting back to that place before I dropped my first album, which is ‘kill, kill, kill, kill, kill everything.’

Peter: The ‘Hello, Good Morning’ feature made me say, “Hello”. The Trey feature was amazing, […] With ‘Monster’ I said, this woman just stole the song with three of the biggest rappers in the game. The pop songs are cool but you do so well as a rapper, as a rap fan, we do love when we see you rap.

Nicki: Rapping helps me stay on my grind. I’m very competitive when it comes to wordplay, my writing, my flow. It’s very hard for me to give people props, especially females. I feel like a lot of girls come in the game and say, ‘I’m going to put some words together and make them rhyme.’ I studied for so many years how to make my flow sound to the point where it feels like you are watching art. That’s why I started doing all of those crazy voices, that I don’t do anymore, I wanted to play with my craft. And that’s why ‘Monster’ became such a big deal, it’s like ‘Whoa! Different personalities!’ Who has the balls to do that? Nobody! Because everybody is afraid. Everybody was afraid to be fun, to be playful, to be a character. I studied acting, this is what I do.

I don’t limit what I like, but I agree that Nicki Minaj should focus on rap [right now]. I wouldn’t have done it differently. That got me to American Idol, and American Idol got me [‘The Other Woman’ movie], so everything plays a part. I would do everything the same exact way.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.50.56 AM

On if she has any regrets:

There is one regret. When I was working on my second album, I took on so much. I rehearsed with Madonna for the Superbowl, I did the NBA All Star thing and I did the Grammys. It was too much for me to focus on writing my album. With my first album, I knocked everything off of my calender, I didn’t care who you were, I was in a zone. For my second album, I spread myself too thin. For this album, once this movie is done, I am going back home and I am going to be in my dungeon writing.

On if she thinks she’s been guilty of being a diva:

Is Lil Wayne tough? I handle my business and also I speak up for myself but if I was not like this, so many people would have taken advantage of me. People don’t understand, when I was [coming up], I took a lot from men who didn’t want me to know my worth. I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff from guys, and plus my father was so crazy with his alcohol and drug abuse and stuff like that. I’ve always felt like, I’m never going to let anyone pull me down and make me feel small. I’m never going to let a man do that and sometimes that transfers over into your career as a woman. There’s a chip on your shoulder because you’ve experienced headstrong men, and I’ve experienced my mom not really speaking up as much as I wanted her to when I was young. I’m a business woman. I run companies. I don’t think people understand that and so sometimes there is a diva moment but my heart is always in the right place.

Male Fan Slaps Beyonce’s Butt On Stage & Beyonce Checks Him

One of Beyonce’s fans got a little too excited at her concert  the other day and took the opportunity to cop a quick feel. Ok granted, slapping a female’s butt without permission is dead wrong – of course. But seriously…this is Beyonce we’re talking about…can you really blame him?! Watch how Beyonce politely checks the fan with the loose hands and keeps it moving:

Totally worth it if you ask me.

Website Raises $200,000 to Purchase Video of Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack

D.C. Mayor Marion Barry and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have something in common: both have videos of themselves doing crack floating around. As if politicians weren’t crooked enough, now we have crackhead politicians to deal with:


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been having a lousy week, and it may have gotten much worse.

Gawker’s “Crackstarter” campaign on Indiegogo has reached its goal of raising $200,000 to buy a drug dealer’s video allegedly showing Ford smoking crack cocaine and post it online.

The gossip Web site’s John Cook and journalists from The Toronto Star say they have seen footage in which Ford is smoking crack with drug dealers.

Cook, who has described how he met the drug dealers in Toronto and viewed the smartphone video, clearly thinks it’s in the public interest — and Gawker’s — to pay the crack users.

Ford has repeatedly denied the allegation, saying, “I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine. As for a video, I cannot comment on a video that I have never seen or does not exist.”

More than 8,300 donors raised more than $200,600 to fund the purchase of the video. Meeting the goal on Monday sparked a storm of joyous comments on the campaign page.

But the video may not surface anytime soon. Cook has warned that since May 19 his source has not been able to reach the person who showed him the footage, and that he was less confident of being able to procure it.

“Folks who are involved in the crack trade tend not to be the most reliable people in the world,” Cook wrote in an update. “At this point, we have no idea why he is out of touch, or if he even knows about the Crackstarter campaign.”

“After the story broke, I told the tipster I was trying this Crackstarter route and asked him what the price was, and was told $200,000,” Cook told CNET News last week. “I impressed upon him that it was unlikely we could come up with that, but he held firm.”

While the dealer may be in hiding, or waiting for the campaign goal to be met, The Globe and Mail newspaper reports that police have interviewed a senior member of Ford’s office in connection with a homicide allegedly linked to the video.

The owner of the video “may have been killed for its potentially valuable contents,” it added, quoting an anonymous source.

Cook has said that if the campaign is successful but the video cannot be purchased, the money will go “to a Canadian nonprofit that addresses substance abuse issues.” Some donors have urged him to wait 30 days before going that route.

NRA Fights to Keep Guns in Public Housing

The NRA does not take losses well. After losing their fight in federal court to allow gun owners in housing projects to legally keep  their guns, the NRA has now decided to appeal the decision and take it to a state court:

Via USAToday:

Having lost a federal court battle over restrictions on guns in Wilmington public housing, plaintiffs backed by the National Rifle Association have asked an appeals court to send the matter back to Delaware courts.

Attorney Francis G.X. Pileggi told a panel of the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday that Delaware’s Constitution provides for a far broader right to keep and bear arms than the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, so this case – involving limits on those rights – would best be resolved at the state level.

Wilmington Housing Authority attorney Barry M. Willoughby, however, argued that having lost in federal court, the NRA is attempting to get a do-over.

“What we have here is an attempt by the plaintiff to use a legal gambit to deny this court jurisdiction,” Willoughby said, adding that the plaintiffs did not attempt to set aside state issues during the lengthy and hard-fought federal litigation.

National experts have said that ruling in this Delaware case could set a national precedent for how far public housing authorities are allowed to restrict gun ownership by residents.

The initial NRA-backed lawsuit was filed in June 2010 in the Delaware Court of Chancery seeking to overturn a flat ban on all guns in Wilmington public housing. The suit was transferred to U.S. District Court at the request of the city housing authority because it involved federal constitutional issues.

Shortly after the case ended up in District Court, following several rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, the WHA dropped its flat ban on all weapons without a trial and allowed residents to keep guns for protection, though it limited guns in common areas like lobbies, lounges and laundry rooms.

The NRA, however, did not drop the lawsuit and forced a ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Leonard Stark on claims that the new gun restrictions were unconstitutional.

In August 2012, Stark sided with the WHA, ruling the restrictions were limited and reasonable and did not violate Second Amendment rights.

Kelly Rowland Breaks Down On Stage Singing “Dirty Laundry” – Song about Envying Beyonce & Domestic Abuse

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 9.10.38 AM

Last week, Kelly released her controversial single “Dirty Laundry” in which she speaks on a time in her life where she was envious of Beyonce’s success while at the same time in an abusive relationship where her abuser was able to actually turn her against her BFF Beyonce. Last night, while on stage performing in Silver Springs, MD, Kelly bursts into tears and her fans start chanting her name for support while singing these lyrics (at 3:55 in the video):

Started to call them people on him, I was battered. He hit the window like it was me until it shattered. He pulled me out and said “Don’t nobody love you but me not yo mama, not your daddy and especially not Bey” He turned me against my sister, I missed her…” 


NFL Investigating Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports Recruitment of Rookie QB Geno Smith

When players negotiate a conract with a team, they want  representation from a reputable, recognized agent/agency in order to get the best possible contract. These  agencies are predominantly white-owned and employ mostly white agents. Jay Z’s company is, obviously, black owned and has what other black  agencies  lack: over a decade of branding, instant recognition and clout. Not to mention Jay Z’s name attached to it. Even though these are different type of streets, the streets are still watching Jay! Be careful:

The NFL Players Association is investigating Roc Nation’s recruitment of New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, according to union sources.

The union is planning to send a letter of inquiry to Roc Nation Sports agent Kim Miale to gather more information about Jay-Z’s involvement in courting Smith. The recently instituted “runner rule” prohibits agents from having colleagues or friends who aren’t NFLPA certified agents present for recruiting meetings.

Earlier this week, Smith’s adviser John Thornton, a former NFL defensive tackle, was quoted by CBS as saying “I was in those meetings, and Jay-Z connected with him on many levels.” Thornton later said he was misquoted.

The real smoking gun might be a picture that Smith posted of Jay-Z and himself on Instagram during the quarterback’s recent re-recruitment process, which kicked off after Smith fired agent Jeff Nalley.

Smith is Miale’s third client, per NFLPA records, following linebacker Brandon Hicks, who spent time in the Bills’ and Steelers’ training camps the last two summers, and arena league kicker Carlos Martinez.

The NFLPA previously sent a letter of inquiry to CAA mega-agent Tom Condon after Condon signed Victor Cruz, who is using Roc Nation for his marketing. Roc Nation has established a partnership with CAA in sports other than football, where the runner rule makes such an arrangement problematic. The union cleared Condon of wrongdoing.

Via Sports.Yahoo:

Singer TQ from Cash Money Says Lil Wayne & Birdman Constantly Kissed Eachother

It doesn’t get more suspect than this. Singer TQ, former R&B singer for Cash Money Records, recently did an interview with Rolling Out magazine in which he re-surfaced a topic that, for the most part, had faded away: Baby & Lil Wayne’s  mini-makeout sessions…

Jaws across the globe dropped years ago when a photo was released showing Lil Wayne and Birdman kissing each other affectionately on the lips, and the two rappers have done it on camera at other times as well, saying that it’s all just a part of their father-son relationship. And while many people have speculated that the two are gay, former Cash Money singer T.Q. recently spoke about their unique relationship and claimed that kissing was just a normal, platonic thing for them.

“I never understood it,” admitted TQ in an interview with KFYB of UGS Radio. “I asked for an explanation and they gave me an explanation, and as a man as part of my clique had to respect the explanation.”


Baby & Lil Wayne kissing while TQ (on the right with wine glass) looks on confused

According to TQ, Wayne and Birdman kissed each other constantly, regardless of who was around.

“People don’t understand them [sic] dudes did that s–t every day,” said TQ. “They consider themselves father and son.”

TQ says that he argued with them regularly about the perception of their kissing, but the two emcees were undeterred by his warnings.

“We constantly use to get into that and I told them when we in public and cameras were under they are not gonna understand that shit and them ni–as didn’t care. It was constantly happening every day!” he explained.

Although Wayne and Birdman kissed each other frequently, TQ did explain that he still didn’t believe that either of them was gay.

“We had mad conversations about that. That was a constant struggle and they never gave a f–k about my opinion about it. I have never seen homosexual tendencies from them cats! I think it’s weird, but I don’t think there was no homosexual s–t involved!” TQ explained.

LMAO @ the look on TQ’s  face in that picture…pure “WTF?!” confusion. Hip Hop, which used to be a pretty homophobic genre, seems to have made certain allowances for certain types of behavior from certain people. A picture like this would’ve been a career-ender years ago. Somehow, Lil Wayne went on to be one of rap’s biggest stars AFTER this pic came out. I’m still trying to figure out how they got a pass on two grown men locking lips with eachother from fans, the general public and their peers. I guess we’ll just have to chalk this one up as another one of those things that make you go hmmmn…

Amanda Bynes Tweets Racially Charged Insults at Rihanna – “You Look So Ugly Tryin’ To Be White!”

Somebody needs to come get this chick.. Dr. Drew, Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Phil…..somebody!?:

Via NYPost:

Train-wreck actress Amanda Bynes launched a vicious, racially charged Twitter attack on singer Rihanna yesterday — as new photos emerged of the wigged-out star appearing to smoke a joint.

While holed up in her West 47th Street apartment after a drug bust last week, Bynes outrageously wrote, “@rihanna you look so ugly tryin to be white,” then added that the singer actually deserved the savage 2009 beating she endured at the hands of then-boyfriend Chris Brown.

“Chris brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough,” the “Hairspray” actress tweeted.

But Bynes wasn’t done yet: “no one wants to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother that I almost named my new dog Rihanna,” she wrote.

Rihanna fired back: “Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention?”

The 27-year-old Bynes responded with more nastiness: “unlike ur fugly faced self I don’t do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren’t pretty u know it!”

Bynes’ beef with Rihanna, 25, could stem from the actress’ hots for rapper Drake, a one-time lover of the pretty “Umbrella” songstress.

Bynes’ hateful statements came as disturbing new photos of her surfaced. The pictures appear to show Bynes wearing the same scary blond wig she wore during her arrest and courtroom appearance last week. She had been busted for allegedly tossing a bong out her 36th-floor window — although she claims, also on Twitter, that the charges are “all lies.”

In the photos, she’s laying on top of a bare mattress smoking a funny-looking cigarette. Her windows are spray-painted black.

Reps for the wayward actress did not return e-mail or phone requests for comment.

On Saturday, the loopy star was photographed entering her building in a brown wig and trying to cover her face with a scarf.

This chick is straight nuts. As hard as it may be to ignore the racial insults, hopefully Rihanna is smart enough not to get too involved in this twitter war with someone who obviously isn’t all there mentally.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Move Back In Together?

Chris has been big pimpin’ since big pimpin’ since big pimpin’. After publicly embarrassing both Rihanna and Karrueche by going back and forth between them while proclaiming his love for the both of them , Chris has once again decided to go to back to his faithful sidechick Karrueche:

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … they hooked up days before his 24th birthday earlier this month and she’s been staying at Chris’ Hollywood Hills home ever since.

Though she’s keeping her own apartment — smart — she’s already moved most of her clothes and other personal belongings to his pad.

And it’s not like they’ve been secretive … they’ve been spotted everywhere lately, hitting up the Billboard Awards afterparty and even rear-ending a Mercedes together.

Trinidad James Says He Makes Ignorant Music Because Conscience Rap Doesn’t Sell

XXL caught up with “Mr. Pop a Molly, I’m Sweatin” himself, Trinidad James and asked him why he makes the type of music many consider to  be extremely ignorant and this is what he had to say:
“…There are some artists who make drug references just to look cool, or just trying to appeal to somebody, right? But sh*t, dude, people have been doing that forever. It’s not even about drugs, it can be about anything—cars, whips, jewelry. Artists make music, and some artists talk about sh*t that they really live, but it’s on the listener to decipher if it’s real and if they really f*ck with it or if they’re going along with it because everyone else is. That’s how this game is set up, man. You’ve got people who want to hear about the sh*t that they want, but not the sh*t that they need to hear about. People don’t want to hear positive raps as much as people want to hear negative rap.“Well, consistently talking about violence, and drugs and b*tches, that’s not the “right thing” to talk about, from a Godly standpoint or from a moral standpoint. But that’s what people want to hear! Like, how many positive rappers are really making it these days?

“But I wasn’t telling you to do molly, I was just telling you about my experience.”

James goes on to say he can’t be blamed if kids start using Molly or even die from the drug:

“When I made that song I wasn’t thinking about the kid who was going to listen to the song. I was just speaking about my life, and if you can relate, great. But why can’t you relate to the line, “Count your blessings?” No, you want to relate to ,”‘Popped a molly, I’m sweatin’.’” That’s not my fault, you chose to listen and focus on the drug reference. That’s on you, my n*gga. I don’t feel no type of sympathy or anything, because at the end of the day I know what’s right and wrong. I’ve done wrong and I’ve done right, but these people who do stupid sh*t and blame it on rap… get the h*ll out of here. It’s your choice if you want to pull out a gun. I’ll say this though, the music does have an influence, I’m not going to say it doesn’t. But you still have a choice and a conscience that God gave you. So it’s on you.”

That was an honest answer but do you agree with him? Is he really just a sellout/puppet or is he just a dude from the hood doing what he has to do to get out the hood?

J. Cole Reunites TLC for Upcoming Album Collaboration

jcoleJ. Cole is bringing back TLC minus Left Eye (R.I.P.) for his highly anticipated second album entitled Born Sinner:

Via Rap-Up:

He enlisted Missy Elliott for his debut, and now J. Cole is calling on another iconic act for Born Sinner. The Roc Nation rapper has collaborated with TLC on his sophomore album.

During an interview with Fuse, Cole revealed that the R&B duo will be featured on the follow-up to his 2011 debut Cole World: The Sideline Story.

“I wanted to go with my favorites and then have them do the things that I love them for doing,” said Cole. “Like Missy Elliott on ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ sounds like Missy Elliott in the ’90s. It’s not like we try to go do something that’s not her. She’s doing what I loved her for. Same with TLC. They doing what I loved them for. Those are incredible features. TLC, that’s like a blessing even having them. That’s crazy.”

He recorded with T-Boz and Chilli separately. “I got T-Boz in L.A. She came out to the studio. I got her part. And I got Chilli in Atlanta. Just an incredible experience getting them there.”

Born Sinner will contain other guests, but no rappers. “There’s no rap features on the album. Nobody else other than J. Cole is rapping on the album, but there’s some great features,” he said.

TLC has also worked with Cole on their first album since 2003’s 3D.

Earlier this week, Cole announced that Born Sinner will drop a week earlier on June 18 to compete directly with Kanye West’s Yeezus.

Air Jordan Retro IV “Stealth” a.k.a. Oreos

Check out the new Jordans set to be released this holiday season. These are sure to  be on every Jordan lover’s Christmas list:

Air Jordan Retro IV "Stealth"

Air Jordan Retro IV "Stealth"

Air Jordan Retro IV "Stealth"

Air Jordan Retro IV "Stealth"

Air Jordan Retro IV "Stealth"

Air Jordan Retro IV "Stealth"

50 Cent Pays for Horse & Carriage to Carry Casket for Queens Girl Killed by Stray Bullet




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Despite his reputation as a tough guy, 50 Cent showed his sensitive side by opening his wallet to take care of some of the funeral expenses for a young girl tragically killed by a stray bullet in his hometown of Jamaica, Queens:

The casket of D’asia Robinson, 14, is carried in a horse drawn carriage after her wake at the greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral on Friday in Jamaica, N.Y. Robinson was killed by a stray bullet while riding a city bus

Rapper 50 Cent says he sprung for the horse and carriage that carried the casket of slain 14-year-old D’aja Robinson at her funeral Friday.

The Queens native, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, posted on his Facebook page in memory of the teen shot to death as she sat on a city bus.


“People always try and paint negative images about me I’m the most genuine down to earth person and I didn’t forget where I came from I came through for baby girl by providing a horse and carriage for her,” he wrote, along with a collage of pictures of D’aja and her funeral. “She was pretty, innocent and didn’t deserve to die like that R.I.P D’Asia Robinson.”

An estimated  2,500 mourners, including hundreds of teenagers, came out to pay their last   respects to   Robinson.

Kathy Kmonicek/Kathy Kmonicek

An estimated 2,500 mourners, including hundreds of teenagers, came out to pay their last respects to Robinson

The white horse drawn carriage carried D’aja’s white casket from the Friday service, which drew 2,500 people including hundreds of teenagers.

Police believe the girl was not the target of the shooting. A 16-year old was questioned in the case but released with no charges.


Via NYDailyNews


Ray J on the Breakfast Club Speaks About His Infamous Rant Against Fabolous, Beef with Kanye, Tierra Marie & Much More

This was bound to be a funny interview being that it was Ray J’s first time coming back on the Breakfast Club since he made a complete ass out of himself with his infamous rant/meltdown against Fabolous after coming to blows with him in Las Vegas. Ray J, of course, had to speak on the details behind his Kim Kardashian/Kanye inspired single, “I Hit It First” as well as his current relationship with singer/actress Tierra Marie. Ray J also spoke on whether or not he approves of Brandy’s current fiance. Check it out:

Envy is suspect for this one