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SMDH….Tenth “Knockout Game” Attack in NYC on 76-year-old Woman

SMH…this is ridiculous. A 76-year-old Brooklyn woman was punched in the back of the head for no apparent reason this morning in what seems to be the city’s tenth “knockout game” victim. The “knockout game”, for those that don’t know, is a new trend that originated in New Jersey but has now spread to New York where groups of teenagers roam the streets looking for an innocent victim to knockout with one punch. If this cowardly practice continues, we’re going to have to form our own group of men to start knocking out these teens who think they’re tough knocking out innocent old women and men! Check out the rest of this story below…

Rihanna’s Hairstylist Explains Her Infamous Doobie Wrap

The woman behind Rihanna’s now controversial AMA Awards doobie wrap explains its origins. Some saw her hairstyle as anticonformist while others viewed it as rachet. What do you think of Rihanna’s look?…

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Sorry Ochocinco, Evelyn Lozada is Six Months Pregnant!

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson isn’t going to like this one. It turns out his ex Evelyn Lozada from ‘Basketball Wives’, who he has been trying to win back ever since their public domestic violence incident, has been keeping a pretty big secret for the last 6 months…she’s 6 months pregnant! We guess Ocho is the non-mo********** factor now! Check out the details and a picture of Evelyn’s baby bump below…

Charlemagne Talks About His Now Infamous Interview with Kanye West

By now you’ve probably heard Kanye West’s no-holds barred interview with the Breakfast Club with the extremely blunt and outspoken Charlemagne the God (If you missed it click here). Charlamagne had been a pretty harsh critic of Kanye’s throughout the year so it surprised a lot of people when Kanye actually showed up for the interview, and to his credit he didn’t flip out like everyone expected him to. Kanye did flip out on the very next interview he did though (click here for that one) and many believe the reason to be unresolved anger from his Breakfast Club interview. Vibe writer Bonsu Thompson caught up with Charlemagne who explained the back story to the interview and gave his perspective on ya’ boy Yeezy. Pretty interesting read, check it out below…

*Update! Florida Girl No Longer Going To Be Expelled from School for Natural Hair

Good! We told you the story about little Vanessa VanDyke facing expulsion from her school just for wearing her natural hair to school. Well after the uproar caused once Vanessa’s story spread, school administrators have now had a change of mind….

Amber Rose Throws Subliminal Shade At Kim Kardashian’s ‘Natural’ Baby Weight Loss

Amber Rose threw some slick subliminal shade at her ex-boyfriend Kanye’s new baby mama, Kim Kardashian, with a recent post she made on Instagram describing how she lost her recent baby weight “naturally”. Kim K. recently got upset at reports earlier this week that suggested that her weight loss after having her baby was not done as naturally as she would like to portray so the timing of Amber’s post is crucial. Check it out below…..

Erica Mena Defends Amina, Calls Alicia Keys a Homewrecker Who Gets a Pass

The always outspoken and feisty Erica Mena from Love & Hip Hop NY recently sat down for an interview where she talked about “dirty feet” Peter Gunz’ messy love triangle, threesomes with Rich Dollaz and Alicia Keys getting a pass for being a homewrecker while Amina (Peter Gunz’ side-wife) doesn’t.  Does she have a point about that last part? Check out what she had to say below…

LMAO..Shots Fired!! Michelle Obama Responds To Kanye West In ‘Open Letter’

Are you still mad about my husband calling you a jackass a few times?“….”Imagine if someone compared you to Papoose, Kanye. Well, you’re Barack’s Papoose. And yes, Kim is my Remy Ma.” LMAO…these are just a few of the hilarious jewels in this must-read parody letter to Kanye West from the First Lady herself, Michelle Obama, responding to comments he made about the Obamas….

Fitness-Obsessed Mom Banned from Facebook for Telling Overweight Women to Lose Weight

A fitness-obsessed mother of three was banned from Facebook after venting on a post against plus-size women who recently posed in lingerie for a campaign to promote body confidence. The California woman, Maria Kang, wrote that she was “annoyed” by “news stories about how overweight, nearly obese women should be proud of their bodies,” according to California TV station News10. Maria feels that the campaign is sending the wrong message by encouraging women to accept their weight as opposed to taking steps to living a healthier lifestyle. Her posts gained thousands of “likes” but after receiving complaints from other FB users, Facebook deemed Maria’s posts as “hate speech” and blocked her from the site for 2 days while they deleted all her posts. What do you think of Maria and her philosophy? Is she out of line or does she have the right idea here? Let us know!….

Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend/Hypeman Tattoos Her Face On His Arm

Safaree Samuels, a.k.a Scaff Beezy, who is known as Nicki Minaj’s hypeman/boyfriend recently got a tattoo of his girl’s entire face on his arm to let her know its real. Check out his reasoning for getting the tatt below and let us know…would you get a tattoo of your significant other on your body?….

Nia Long & Her NBA Coach Boyfriend Ime Udoka Call It Quits

Looks like Nia Long will be single for “The Best Man Holiday” as her and her BF Ime Udoka have recently broken up…

New Music: Baltimore City Artist Only – “Prizm” [VIDEO]

Over the years, the genre of Hip-Hop/Rap has changed greatly. In an industry where the talentless and those made of gimmicks seem to make their claim to fame, it is difficult to find an MC who can actually gain notoriety through their lyricism and flow on the microphone.

However, in Baltimore City, there lies one such MC who uses his skills to share his ideals, background and lifestyle. With that said, we introduce “ONLY”. Hailing from Edmondson Village, a community on Baltimore’s Westside, as well as other neighborhoods around Baltimore City…

Shock Claim! O.J.’s Manager Says O.J. “Could Be” Khloe Kardashian’s Father: “Its All Going To Come Out Sooner or Later”

That old rumor about O.J. Simpson being Khloe Kardashian’s biological father has just been reignited thanks to O.J.’s manager Norman Pardo. Pardo came forward in an exclusive interview recently with In Touch magazine explaining that Khloe “could be” O.J’s daughter and that the truth will “come out sooner or later”. Check out the rest of this story below…

African-American Radio Host Says We Need “More Trayvon Martin Costumes Please”?!

If you’re familiar with, you know what an uproar our article “Social Media Users Track Down Woman Behind Racist Trayvon Martin Costume & Get Her Fired caused once it went viral. A virtual race war broke out in our comment section (click Here if you missed that) which clearly displayed the divide between white and black people and that racial tensions in this country are still extremely high, despite the progress this country has made. Well the following article from Morris W. O’Kelly (Mo’ Kelly) has an interesting take on the issue we’d like to share with you guys. This writer, who is African-American himself, actually believes we need MORE people to dress up in blackface and other potentially offensive costumes every year?! Check out his reasoning below….

Kanye West Explodes on ‘Sway in the Morning’ Interview, Almost Gets Physical?! [FULL VIDEO]

If you thought Kanye’s interview on the Breakfast Club was tense, this one definitely takes the cake.  All Sway asked Kanye was why he couldn’t “empower himself” with regards to his fashion line and that’s when all hell broke loose! “You ain’t got the answers!” Kanye shouts back. “You ain’t spent 13 million dollars of your own money trying to empower yourself!” Kanye is known for his explosive rants but this one was definitely personal and almost got physical? Check out the audio below…

Charlemagne vs. Kanye West! Charlemagne Calls Kanye “Narcissistic & Egotistical” To His Face! [VIDEO]

The interview many have been waiting for finally arrived this morning when Kanye West, who is frequently slandered on the Breakfast Club morning radio show, stopped by for an interview to explain all the madness that is Kanye. The always outspoken Charlemagne definitely held no punches in this interview and told Kanye everything you probably ever wanted to tell his face! Gotta respect that and you gotta respect Kanye for coming through knowing what he was walking into. Check out this interesting interview below….

Love & Hip Hop NY’s Saigon Gets Blasted On Twitter for His Bad Parenting Skills

Saigon, Saigon, Saigon…smh. If you were watching Love & Hip Hop NY last night, you saw the discussion Saigon had with the mother of his child where he automatically assumed his son was autistic because he doesn’t speak as fluently as his half-sister who is a month older. Saigon, who just recently stepped into his son’s life, claims he got this information from the internet and accused his child’s mother of being a bad parent for not noticing earlier! Needless to say, fans tuned into the show felt some type of way about Saigon’s reckless accusations and let him have it on “black Twitter”. Check out just a few of the tweets below…

Black Musician Befriends Various KKK Members & Collects Their Hoods?!

This is one brave piano player. Daryl Davis has done what many have tried to do over decades with no success. He is a black musician who happens to be playing a role in the KKK’s shrinking membership. Daryl has the unusual knack of being able to befriend KKK members and, just by being himself, eventually convince them that their racist viewpoints are wrong. He even made it a practice of collecting the robes and hoods of the numerous KKK members who have left the racist organization because of him. Sounds crazy right? Read the rest of this amazing story and check out some pics of Daryl and his new friends below….

Shots Fired!? Manager Blasts Rihanna for Stealing His Artist’s Doobie Wrap Swag

Rihanna’s controversial AMA doobie wrap is turning out to be the most talked about part of the award show?! The manager of a Bronx, NY artist by the name of Patwa, who has the little Caribbean hip hop thing going on herself, claims that the doobie wrap with jeweled pins is his artist’s signature style and that Rihanna and her managers met Patwa and straight doobie-jacked her whole look. The managar claims that “prior to the AMA’s no one had attempted to wear the doobie as a hairstyle in public. No one!!!!!!” That’s a lot of exclamation points. Rihanna’s managers specifically told them that Patwa’s look was too “hood” and turned down any talks of a label deal. Well now Patwa’s manager is letting it be known that she’s not going to let Rihanna or her doobie wrap get away with it! All this over a doobie wrap?! SMH….Check out the letter the manager wrote and some videos from Patwa (who is actually a pretty good rapper) below…