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Hot or Not? New Video from Jennifer Lopez – “Same Girl”

Jenny from the block just released the visuals for her new single entitled “Same Girl”. Judging by the theme of some of J. Lo’s songs, we guess she’s trying to let us know that the money and the fame never changed her. Check out the video below and let us know if it’s ‘Hot or Not?’……

8-Year-Old Boy Saves His Little Sister from Suspected Kidnapper

In today’s edition of much needed good news, we have a young, hero by the name of Donavon Mitchell who bravely saved his sister from being abducted by a kidnapper. Read the rest of this great story below…

Disney Channel Debuts First-Ever Gay Married Couple on Kid’s Show

Disney has stirred up a lot of controversy with their decision to introduce the first-ever gay married couple on their children’s show “Good Luck Charlie”. Some people feel that this was a long time coming while others are outraged. Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts!….

Cop Fired After Putting Young Mom In Restraints & Chopping Her Weave Off [VIDEO]

SMH…this is messed up. A Michigan correction officer was fired after placing a young, mother in restraints and chopping off her weave, as well as some of the woman’s real hair in the process, for no apparent reason. The city has already made an out-of-court settlement with the young lady over the incident, as they should! Check out the video footage and the rest of the story below….

George Zimmerman Says He’ll Fight Any Black Person in “Celebrity Boxing Match”

SMDH….only in AmeriKKKa can a man who shot and killed a young, black teenager be considered a celebrity!? Can someone please BEAT THIS MAN’S A** already! Let’s see how well you “stand your ground” without a gun. Read the rest of the details below….

Hot or Not? Shakira feat. Rihanna – “Can’t Remember To Forget You” [VIDEO]

Shakira and Bad Gal Rih Rih got up close and personal in Shakira’s new sexy single, “Can’t Remember To Forget You”. Check it out and let us know if you think this video is ‘Hot or Not?’

Eye Candy of the Day: Irene the Dream

Maaaaan…if you’re not up on Irene the Dream, you need to be! This brown skinned brickhouse is originally from Pensacola, Florida and she was a former track star in high school…figures! Check out more info & pictures of the ridiculously thick Irene the Dream below!….  

Wife Donates Kidney To Husband Then Wants It Back After He Has Affair With Her Friend

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! This is an interesting story about a woman who donated an organ to her husband only for him to turn around and have an affair with her friend before he dumped her…scandalous! He might’ve needed a kidney but somebody should’ve gave him a heart! Check out the details below…

True or False? Fake Snow That Doesn’t Melt & Smells Like Plastic Being Reported Across the U.S. [VIDEO]

There’s a big rumor/conspiracy theory going around thanks to several videos of people on YouTube and various social networking sites unsuccessfully trying to melt snow in their area using lighters. Instead of the snow melting as most would expect it to, it turns black and just smells funny…like chemicals? This has led many to believe that the snow that has been blanketing different states around the country lately is really some type of plastic substance that might be part of some geo-engineering related government experiment on its citizens. With the existence of HAARP,  the government program with the ability to control our weather, anything is possible. We’ve seen the videos and wouldn’t put anything past the government so we’ve decided to do some research to see if this conspiracy theory is actually ‘True or False?’ Check it out below…

McDonalds Employee Caught Selling Heroin Out of Drive-Thru Window

Would you like to get high with that? A McDonald’s employee was caught selling dope to drive-through customers in Happy Meal boxes in Pittsburgh. She actually made a lot of money selling her McHeroin until she was caught. Check out the rest of her story below…

Armed Robber Slaps Woman In the Face with His Penis During Robbery?

SMH…of course this just had to happen in the great state of Florida didn’t it? Luckily, no one was harmed in the robbery but once the police catch up with this robber, he should be facing stiff punishment for this crime. He could be looking at some hard time. Hopefully the courts don’t go soft on him. Lol…I’m sorry I know this is not supposed to be funny but c’mon..he penis slapped her!? Read the rest of this crazy story below…

White House Forced to Respond To Petition To Deport Justin Bieber After It Gets Over 100K Signatures

Ok..I know Justin Bieber is annoying…as hell!..but what a waste of 100,000 signatures! I can’t stand him as much as the next person but only if people could come together like that to petition more important matters in this country that affect their everyday lives instead of some bratty, pop star kid from Canada (as I google where I can sign that petition). Read the rest of this story below….

True or False? Charlamagne Tha God: “Rihanna Is the Realest Since Tupac” [VIDEO]

Power 105.1 Breakfast Club’s outspoken radio host Charlamagne tha God did an interview where he discusses a wild night on the town he had with Rihanna which led him to believe that Rihanna is the realest in the game since Tupac…Tupac though? Check out what Charlamagne had to say below and let us know if you agree with him or not…..

Kendrick Lamar Responds To Macklemore’s Grammy Award Apology Text

We told you the other day about Macklemore sending out a screenshot of a text that he sent Kendrick Lamar basically apologizing for “robbing” him of his Grammy Award (click here if you missed it). Macklemore took home four Grammys for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance and Best New Artist while Kendrick, who many believe rightfully deserved all those awards, ended up leaving with nothing. Kendrick has finally responded to the Grammy snub and Macklemore apology to XXL Magazine. Check it out below…

Expensive Beatdown! Kanye Settles with Teen He Punched for $250K

I’d take a few punches from Kanye for $250K! My only question is how much money is that stop sign that Kanye walked into last year going to get? Check out the rest of Kanye’s settlement story below..

J. Cole Brags About Outselling Kanye & Jay Z Gives Cole His Original Roc-A-Fella Chain at MSG [VIDEO]

Kanye ain’t gonna like this one! J. Cole tore down Madison Square Garden last night and during the performance, Cole took a moment to point out the fact that he dropped his album the same day as Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ album and outsold him. Kanye has a tendency of only acknowledging Drake as his competition amongst the new crop of rappers so it looks like he might just have to start paying attention to the boy Cole. Cole brought out West Coast’s own Kendrick Lamar and also surprised fans when he brought out Jay Z to perform his hit song ‘PSA’ and Jay ended up giving Cole his original Roc-A-Fella chain. Check out the footage below…

Man Shoots & Kills 2 Black Neighbors & Claims He Thought They Were Burglars

SMDH…it looks like the new go-to excuse for racists to shoot and kill black people is to say, “I thought they were a burglar”. Mind you, the two innocent black men he shot and killed weren’t even on the man’s property, they were two brothers standing on their own land! As a matter of fact, they were so far away he had to use a long range rifle to shoot them! SMH…please read the rest of this outrageous story below…

Damage Control? T.I. Explains the ‘Big Argument’ That Started Divorce Rumors

If you didn’t believe the divorce rumors surrounding T.I. and Tiny’s relationship before, you may now. T.I. went into damage control mode trying to explain why the couple chose to spend the Grammy weekend separated from eachother but all he really did was confirm that they were in fact beefing with eachother as suspected by their subliminal Instagram posts. Hopefully, for their sake and the sake of their kids, they can work past whatever troubles they might be having. Check out what T.I. had to say below…

Diddy Shuts Down Bad Boy Records for Good?

“I thought I told you that we won’t stop” – Diddy. Well, apparently that isn’t true as it has been revealed that Diddy is officially closing down Bad Boy Records for good and transferring his Bad Boy employees to his new REVOLT TV project. Check out the rest of the details below…

Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Lil Duval, French Montana & Sean Kemp In New Reebok Commercial

Look out for this new Reebok commercial featuring NBA legends Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal and Sean Kemp in their “Laced Legends” miniseries. The commercial also features Atlanta comedian Lil Duval and Bronx rapper French Montana. That is one random cast and this just looks like its going to be funny! Look out for them in the remake of the new Barbershop movie also and check out a few more behind-the-scenes pics below…