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Pregnant Woman Loses Her Eye After Police Shoot Bean Bag At Her Car

Here we go again! A pregnant St. Louis woman lost her left eye after a violent run-in with law enforcement earlier this week. Check out the details below..

Skirts Too Short? GOP Aide Causes Firestorm Dissing Obama’s Daughters: “Try Showing a Little Class”

Not a smart move! The communications director for a Republican member of Congress ignited a firestorm this weekend after she criticized President Obama’s teenage daughters in a Facebook post that touched a nerve even for Americans accustomed to political mudslinging. Check out the details below and let us know what you think…

Police Searching for Missing 12-Year-Old Bronx Girl Charleyne Delgado

A 12-year-old girl from the Bronx by the name of Charleyne Delgado is missing and police need the public’s help in finding her. Please read the details below…

Boy Missing for 4 Years Is Found Held Captive Behind Fake Wall In Father’s Home [VIDEO]

Now this is a crazy story! A 13-year-old boy who had been missing for four years was finally found terrified and cowering behind a false wall in the linen closet of his father’s Atlanta home on Saturday. Check out the bizarre details below…

Busta Rhymes Suffers Bloody Head Injury After Falling Into Crowd Singing “CoCo” [VIDEO]

Busta Rhymes was more like Bust My Ass after taking a mean fall on Friday off of a stage in Webster Hall in New York. Busta got a little too amped while jamming to that “CoCo” song that is so popular right now and slipped and fell headfirst into the crowd which resulted in a bloody gash on the top of his head.  Check out the footage below….

Cable News Gets Puts On Blast For Showing Misleading Footage of Mike Brown Protestors

The media has been known to shape and mold the perceptions of the people through subliminal brainwashing and manipulative journalism so this accusation is totally plausible. Many feel that the reporting of the Mike Brown riots has purposely been one-sided with the media choosing to broadcast negative footage of protesters as opposed to the many peaceful protests that have taken place. Check out this article below and let us know if you agree with the author’s take or not….

Cop Shoots At Unarmed Father Rushing Home During Daughter’s Asthma Attack

SMDH…the open-season on young, black males continues! In yet another astounding example of how police shootings are out-of-control in this country, an unarmed father was shot at and almost killed by a police while trying to rush his daughter, who was in the midst of having an asthma attack, home. Check out the details below…

Again?! Newly Released Video Shows Cops Shooting 12-Year-Old Boy 2 Seconds After Arriving On Scene [VIDEO

SMFH…as if we weren’t dealing with enough of this already?! Authorities released footage this afternoon of a Cleveland police officer shooting 12-year-old Tamir Rice in a park this weekend just two seconds after arriving on the scene!? Rice was carrying a BB gun at the time but Ohio is an open-carry state for guns and even the person who called 911 to report Tamir told the operator it was “probably fake” so the cops reaction makes even less sense? Check out the footage below…

11-Year-Old Samuel Love Organizes Toy Drive for Kids Going Through Hard Times

In today’s “Good News of the Day”, we have an 11-year-old boy by the name of Samuel Love. Samuel is only in 5th grade but he is definitely living up to his last name with the love that he shows kids who are experiencing tough times. Samuel took it upon himself to organize his 3rd annual Christmas toy drive in response to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Check out his inspirational story below…

Bow Wow Blasts “Black Folks” for Criticizing His Engagement To Erica Mena

Bow Wow has been taking a lot of heat after he announced his engagement to Love & Hip Hop NY star Erica Mena and he might’ve just made it worse. The other day, we told you how Bow Wow supposedly sent the goons after Chris Rock’s brother, Tony Rock, for a comment he made on Twitter about him wifing a “whore” [click here if you missed it].  Bow Wow decided to take to his Facebook account in the aftermath of the social media slander and blast “black folks” for criticizing his choice of wife. Check it out below….

5 Adults Charged With Sexual Abuse & Shooting Their Kids With BB Guns?!

SMDH…now this is disgusting! Five adults from Philadelphia have been charged with sexual assault and abuse of five children all under the age of 12!? The fact that two of the five adults are actually parents of the children they abused makes this story even worse. Read the rest of the details below…

Artist Spotlight: Timbaland’s New Artist Tink Drops Banger Dedicated To Cops Shooting Minorities Called “Tell The Children” [AUDIO]

Timbaland’s new artist, Tink, has been making some major waves in the music industry and she hasn’t even dropped an album yet! She has already been compared to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Nas and Jay Z at the tender age of 19! Tink dropped a track that was right on time this week addressing racism and the hostile relationship between African American community and police right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Fair or Foul? Mary J. Blige Says That Her Husband Isn’t Allowed To Have Any Female Friends

Grammy award winning singer Mary J. Blige stirred up a hot topic about friendships with the opposite sex with a comment she made during an interview the other day. Mary says she has one important rule when it comes to her marriage: her husband isn’t allowed to have any female friends. Check out the details below and let us know if you agree with her or not….

W.O.D.S. Exclusive: 3 Black Jurors & 3 White Jurors Voted To Indict Officer Darren Wilson But Were Overruled By Remaining Jurors

Some interesting news has surfaced regarding the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson. Wordondastreet is that the lone three black jurors and three other white jurors on the grand jury actually voted to indict Darren Wilson on charges but they were overruled by the remaining jurors and failed short of getting the required 9 votes necessary for an indictment. Read the rest of the details below…

Dummy of the Day: Cops Help Teen Locked Out of Her Apartment & Discover Marijuana Plants

How ironic. A girl helped named Jailin Turner is now in jail after she called the cops to help her get into her locked apartment forgetting that she had some incriminating evidence scattered around inside. Check out her story below…

Officer Darren Wilson Says He Has a ‘Clean Conscience’ & Would Shoot Mike Brown Again [VIDEO]

SMH…talk about making a bad situation worse! Officer Darren Wilson said in an interview with ABC that he a ‘clean conscience’ about shooting and killing unarmed teen Mike Brown and that he would do it again if the opportunity arose. Check it out below…

Spread the Word! ‘No Justice, No Profit’ Black Friday Boycott In Honor of Mike Brown Gains Momentum!

Back in the civil rights era and inspired by Rosa Parks, black people united to boycott the Montgomery Bus company for over a year as both a political and social protest campaign to end racial segregation on public transit in Montgomery, Alabama. People walked miles to work rather than give the city of Montgomery one cent for treating black people as less than human and guess what? It worked! The boycott officially ended December 20, 1956, after 381 days. The city passed an ordinance authorizing black bus passengers to sit virtually anywhere they chose on buses. Well its 2014 and as much as things have changed, many things have not changed at all as evidenced by the recent Mike Brown case as well as many others. Well, thanks to social media, momentum is rapidly building to boycott upcoming Black Friday sales in order to hit corporate America “where it hurts” over the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. Read the rest of the details below….

Unsung Heroes: Women from Newark, NJ Unite To Help the Less Fortunate In Their Community [VIDEO]

In today’s ‘Good News of the Day’, we have the story of a group of women from Newark, NJ who are making a big difference in their community by helping those less fortunate. Check out their inspirational story below….

Officer Darren Wilson’s Grand Jury Testimony Leaks Online – Read Transcript Here

After months of waiting for an indictment in the case of Officer Darren Wilson shooting and killing unarmed teenager Mike Brown, a grand jury of 12 — nine Whites and three Blacks — concluded Monday night that based on all the evidence presented they did not find any probable cause to indict Wilson on murder or manslaughter charges. Check out some key points in Wilson’s testimony which led to the jury’s decision below….

Don Lemon Faces Backlash for Comment About Ferguson Protestors: “Obviously, There’s a Smell of Marijuana In the Air” [VIDEO]

Uncle Tom alert! CNN anchor Don Lemon has once again put his foot in mouth with an outrageous comment he made on CNN last night while reporting on the Ferguson riots. While describing the pandemonium that ensued and the rioters themselves, Lemon thought it would  be a good idea to mention that there was “obviously” a smell of marijuana in the air?! WTH?! Check out the footage and some of the reactions to his comment below….