8th Grader Kory Terrell Is Texas’ New Spelling Bee Champion!

Today’s “Good News of the Day” comes courtesy of an 8th grader from Texas by the name of Kory Terrell! Check out the details below…

Congratulations to Kory Terrell, an exceptional eighth grader from Davila Middle School in Texas, who won the 2015-16 Texan Spelling Bee!

Anyone who grew up in the South knows how competitive spelling bees are, especially in Texas where bragging rights are a top priority. So this is quite an accomplishment for someone this age!

Davila Middle School is in Bryan, Texas. It’s home to about 660 students in grades 6 through 8. – via farrahgray

Congratulations to Kory for that huge accomplishment and we’ll be keeping an eye on him because a young man like that is bound to do great things!


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