Army Vet Who Drove 200 Miles To Kill a Black Man Says Interracial Relationships Drove Him Mad

SMH….These are the real terrorists! The white Army vet intent on killing black men who quenched his racist thirst by driving a sword through a homeless black man in Midtown says that interracial relationships were his motivator. Check out the details below…

The 26-inch weapon — with an 18-inch blade — pierced the victim’s chest just above his heart and exited his back before pinging against the sidewalk on Monday night. White supremacist James Jackson, 28, wanted maximum exposure for his crime, telling investigators he rode 200 miles on a bus from Baltimore because New York is the “media capital of the world.”

He found Caughman — a bottle collector who liked to take photos of himself and celebrities — a few blocks away. During the savage attack, Jackson jammed the sword he purchased online into Caughman. “What are you doing?” Caughman was overheard desperately pleading with his assailant, who was seen on top of him before fleeing east on W. 36th St.

Stabbing victim Caughman pictured with Oprah Winfrey in Twitter photo dated Oct. 15, 2015

Caughman, stabbed in the chest and back, stumbled two blocks to the Midtown South Precinct stationhouse on W. 35th St., bleeding from his wounds. Paramedics rushed him to Bellevue Hospital, but he could not be saved, officials said. Caughman lived in transitional housing on W. 36th St., sources said. Jackson bolted to a nearby McDonald’s to clean himself up, officials said.

The next day, he went to the main branch of the New York Public Library on Fifth Ave. to read about his actions online.Early Wednesday — just over 24 hours after slaughtering Caughman — he waltzed into an NYPD Times Square substation and confessed, police said. “I’m the person that you’re looking for,” Jackson told cops, according to Aubry.

Jackson admitted to having two knives on him and gave police the location of a nearby garbage can where he had ditched his sword, sources said. “You need to arrest me,” he told police. Jackson also told police that he was a member of a white supremacist group and that he detailed his racist views on his laptop computer. Police confiscated the computer and his cellphone, but were waiting late Wednesday for a search warrant to examine them. –

Jackson freely admitted that he killed Caughman out of a twisted rage against black men, Aubry said.

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“Based on certain information it appears that this subject has been harboring these types of feelings for quite some time,” Aubry said. “It’s been over 10 years that he’s been harboring these feelings toward male blacks.” Jackson had a particular deep-seated hatred for black men romantically involved with white women, a police source said.

“The guy opened up. He was talking freely,” the source said. Cops charged Jackson with murder. His arraignment was pending Wednesday night. – via nydailynews

If mainstream media won’t call him a terrorist, we will! We don’t want to hear anything about him being mentally ill or any of that b.s. White, racist men like him are more of a threat to this country than any Isis member will ever be and our Pres. Donald Trump is their newfound inspiration. The coward passed by many young men who might’ve given him a fight and chose an elderly homeless man to be his victim. Throw this garbage in a cell with nothing but black men and let’s see how tough he is then! What do YOU think about this situation?

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