Artist Spotlight: Dre Lawrenz (Miami,Fl)

Today’s new ‘Artist Spotlight’ hails from Miami, Florida and goes by the name of Dre Lawrenz. After the recent release of his mixtape entitled “Good Child”, we had a chance to chop it up with Dre a bit about his influences, his life, and his latest project. Learn more about this artist below…

Born and raised in Miami Gardens, Florida Dre Lawrenz says his passion for music came from his deeply rooted Jamaican heritage. His grandfather who is also a musician gave Dre his first taste of “Old School” reggae music. Growing up listening to legendary artist like Bob Marley,  Sizzla, Tupac, and Outkast to name a few helped structure Dre Lawrenz style and led him to become focus more on lyrics. “I make music to express my emotions artistically while informing people on the harsh realities of life as I see it”. When asked if he feels pressure as a new artist to dumb down his music to reach a more mainstream audience Dre responded, “If I were to dumb down my music it would lose it’s purpose, I choose to be the type of musician that can create music that is entertaining while still addressing social issues”. The first single off of his latest mixtape “Good Child” is a song called “Ridin Slow” produced by NY Bangers. Download his “Good Child” on Datpiff.


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