Artist Spotlight: Forever Evo: Galaxies Open Deep (G.O.D.)

After 3 different rap groups,3 different name changes, it’s more than understandable what “ForeverEvo” means.Short for forever evolving, Evo has an undying passion seeking universal ¬†completion in all phases of his life whether musically, spiritually etc. Check out the rest below….

A musician since age 11, Evo does not take the phrase “Music Is Life” lightly, music is his life. Constantly perfecting his craft , Evo’s style is one all his own.He describes it as a “fusion of R&B,Jazz,& Poetry, laced with sophistication & seduction for a pure erotic sound”. Evo hopes to connect with anyone who will take time to listen,one note,one verse,one hook at a time with a life motto that shows the depth of his evolution simply by saying “Meet Him By The Moon”


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