Artist Spotlight: Hawdwerk: “I Don’t Need Much” [VIDEO]

HAWDWERK’s latest solo offering “Call In Sick EP DELUXE” was the first project to be released under his Blue Collarcampaign in 2012. Remastered by long time collaborator Funklogik (Asiatic Rhythms, Jansport J’s “The Soul Provider LP”) and re-released by HAWDWERK in October of 2014. Although the project was short in length, HAWDWERK himself describes the six track EP as “a chance to breathe”. A long shot from what people expect from the West Covina native, Call In Sick does a great job of introducing listeners to who Hawdwerk is as a person, an atmosphere HAWDWERK plans to build upon for the duration of the Blue Collar campaign.


Setting the tone for the project from the first track , ‘The Real’ prod. by CBall, HAWDWERK gives us a personal account of his life. He opens the record by stating “I’m just an all around normal guy, as a kid I sang I Believe I Can Fly”. ‘Werk goes on to touch on subjects such as dating, fashion, the industry, and his neighborhood – giving us a glimpse into the life of a suburban black male trying to enjoy life while accomplishing his personal ambitions. The EP continues on its foundation of personal genuineness through to the very last track entitled “Me.” ‘Me’(prod. by J Bizness), is an ode to young people everywhere pursuing goals, while breaking free of societies expectations. HAWDWERK also goes on to describe some of his frustrations with trying to live up to current hip-hop standards saying, “they say I’ll never get wealthy, cause my grammar less country and more Kelsey”. The clever depiction describes how he has more in common with “Frasier” (Kelsey Grammer) than rap star Nelly whose breakout single was “Country Grammar”.  The deluxe version also features the remix to “WUDDUP” with special guest West Covina emcees Avi The Most Ill, Poetik Force (Asiatic Rhythms), Namek (Chamber Records), Tezy Wonda (West Coast Plantation), & Popula Pizz (Uglie Gang)

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this is definitely an EP that finds its way onto our best of 2012 lists without question.” – Justin Ivey editor for


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