Artist Spotlight: Samori Swygert’s New Album “P.O.R.N.” (Poetry.Oration.Rhythm.Narratives)

Samori Swygert is a 37 year old African American male, born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, New York. He’s described as a man of
vision, passion, and concerned about the state of humanity to many….

Career-wise, he practices critical care pharmacy in the hospital ICU setting. He’s HBCU bred, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Biology,
and Masters of Medical Science from Hampton University, and a Doctor of Pharmacy from Howard University. Samori is a pharmacist by trade, but an intellectual, activist by writing, and artist by passion. Outside of the field of pharmacy, he enjoys writing blogs on socio-cultural, geopolitical dynamics, and his personal perceptions on the future. The other arm of his writing is devoted to a deep love for poetry. He’s been writing poetry since junior high school, and attributes much of his interest in writing to his mother.

Samori published a book of poetry in 2007 while attending Howard University, entitled, Black I/Eye on America. This book enlists crafty literary techniques of writing styles, and character portrayal with a very keen astute eye on society. Samori published an audiobook in 2014 entitled, Speak On It [Mandatory Conversations for Black America]. Mr. Swygert is also well published in the blogging arena. Samori is a regular contributing author to the YOURBLACKWORLD network and FINANCIAL JUNETEENTH.
Mr. Swygert’s most recent accomplishment is the release of his 17 track album entitled, P.O.R.N. (Poetry. Oration. Rhythm. Narratives). This album is revealing and divulging of that rare piercing view inside the soul of many black men. This album peels back so many emotional layers of the black male onion. The album is written by him, produced, performed, engineered, and arranged by all HBCU alums from Hampton, Howard, and Norfolk State University. This album is the 2015 version of Love Jones. P.O.R.N. reached #2 on Amazon’s best sellers in the genre of Quiet Storm, 2nd only to Marvin Gaye’s album: Here My Dear. P.O.R.N. is also currently considered for Grammy Nomination for 2016 “Best Spoken Word Album”.

He’s a rather rare, and unique individual that shares the same birthday as Bill Bojangles Robinson, Miles Davis, and Lauryn Hill. The intriguing, inquisitive, restless, and entertaining mind of the Gemini is definitely tattooed and affixed to his being. His name is from the West African King of Guinea, Samori Toure’.

He also adds his own flavor to his name by saying that it stands for :
S= sexy
A= artistic
M= man
O= of
R= raw
I= intellect

His next project is a movie script that he’s been quietly writing in
his spare time.

To sample some tracks or purchase Samori’s newest album entitled “P.O.R.N.”, click HERE

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