How to Bet the NBA Playoffs

With April quickly upon us, the games are about get much more meaningful in the NBA. Once the seeding is finalized, be sure to head over to for betting odds for the NBA playoff games. There are two types of bets you can place in the playoffs, and we will explore each option in a bit more depth…

The first and most standard way to get some betting action this postseason is to bet on individual games. Interesting trends can often emerge in the playoffs. The NBA is currently very top-heavy, and sharp bettors riding the chalk picks did so very successfully last postseason. If you would have bet $100 on the moneyline favorite of each game, you would have cashed in on a cool 77.2% of your bets and profited over $800. Even better, if you would have limited your bets to only favorites playing on the road so as to get better odds, you would have won an astounding 86.4% of your bets netting a fat sum of over $1200. If the Cavs and Warriors meeting three straight years is any indication, the NBA has been in a state of chalk for a while now.

If betting on individual games sounds too risky, SkyBook also allows you to bet on series outcomes. Basketball is a game of matchups. Mismatches may not create results on the scoreboard in one particular game but can really wear down an opponent over the course of a series. A big, long, physical team like the Bucks requires a bit of extra strength and energy to compete against. Come games 4, 5, and 6 the other team may not quite be boxing out and setting picks as aggressively as they were early in the series. Series betting can provide some interesting hedging opportunities. For those unfamiliar, hedging involves placing bets on both sides of a contest to create a situation in which you stand to profit regardless of the outcome. Allow me to illustrate: Say in a fantasy world the Pistons are facing off with the Lakers in a toss-up Finals matchup. Being a Pistons fan, you place $500 at even odds on them to win the series, standing to profit another $500 if they pull it off. The series is close, as expected, and comes down to game 7. The Lakers, being on the road, are underdogs for the game at +150. You now are faced with two options: you can let the game play out and have your $500 bet in the balance or you can hedge your bet by putting money on the Lakers in game 7. Here’s how it works: Because the Lakers are +150, you will profit $500 (the same as your original bet) if you place down $333.33. This means if you place any amount between $333.33 and $500 (say $400) on the Lakers, you will profit regardless of the outcome. Creating a guaranteed $100 rather than sweating over a $500 last-second jumper can do wonders for both your mental health and your wallet. The NBA playoffs are a different beast. It is important to think with your head and not your heart. – via

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