Bill O’Reilly Set To Receive “A Staggering Amount” of Money After Being Fired From Fox News

Many rejoiced after Fox News announced that they were finally axing controversial “O’Reilly Factor” host Bill O’Reilly amid numerous sexual harassment allegations but while we won’t have to deal with obnoxious bigot’s on-air personality anymore, he will be leaving with “a staggering amount” in his high-profile exit. Check out the details below…

The longtime “The O’Reilly Factor” host, axed by the network on Wednesday after 21 years, had a sizeable safety net in his contract, CNN reported.

“It is a staggering amount,” a source involved in the anchor’s departure told the news network.

CNN reported the 67-year-old O’Reilly’s recent contract extension was set to pay him $25 million a year.

A source added that O’Reilly won’t get the full amount of the contract, which was set to carry the high-ranking TV host at least through the 2020 election, according to the network.

Parent company 21st Century Fox worked “outs” into O’Reilly’s extension when it was signed last month.

Weeks after the contract was signed, The New York Times reported O’Reilly and Fox News had paid $13 million to pay five sexual harassment accusers over the last few years.

Members of the Murdoch family who run 21st Century Fox were aware of the coming Times story and weaved the “outs” into his contract, CNN reported. But they didn’t expect that the fallout — including pulled advertising and protests outside company headquarters — would be this strong. – via nydailynews

SMH…What’s really messed up about this whole situation is that he’s not really getting fired because he sexually harassed numerous women for years, he’s only being fired because one too many advertisers decided to pull ads. Fox News and the Murdoch family have once again proven that they have don’t have an ounce of moral integrity.  Interestingly enough, Bill O’Reilly once campaigned for Pepsi to drop Ludacris calling Luda “a man who degrades women”. Luda must be laughing his ass off at the irony. Bill may leave with some money, but he’s definitely not leaving with any respect. He can now join the ranks of characters like “Craig” from ‘Friday’ being the only people who somehow managed to get fired on their day off!

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