Bobbi Kristina Set To Inherit $2Million & Married Nick With No Prenup?

This story is from the  National Enquirer so take it with a grain of salt but they are claiming that Bobbi Kristina is set to inherit 2 million dollars when she turns 21 this year and that family members think that Whitney’s adopted son, Nick rushed her to get married with no prenup to get a piece of that fortune. Hope that’s not true for her sake! Read the rest of this story below….

Bobbi Kristina inherits $2 million when she turns 21 on March 4, and family members fear that Nick, who’d been unofficially adopted by Whitney, rushed her to the alter for the money.

Even worse, insiders say Bobbi Kristina has no pre-nup to protect her fortune.

“The entire family is devastated over this marriage,” said a source close to the Houston family.

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While Whitney took in Nick as a 12-year-old and acted as his guardian, the tragic diva never formally adopted him, and sources say that’s led to this disaster.

“Krissi’s relationship with Nick was never romantic until after Whitney died,” said the source.

“The family feels that if Whitney had adopted Nick and left him an inheritance, he never would have pursued Krissi.” – Via NationalEnquirer

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