Cam Newton Calls for Equal Treatment Following Panthers’ Sunday Victory

The fact that the Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals did little to boost Cam Newton’s confidence, especially when it came to officials and the way they viewed him as a quarterback. Studying the Super Bowl betting lines and other related data, it is easy to discern the danger someone like Newton faces on the Field…

 Newton tends to take more hits than most, and because of his size, he doesn’t get nearly as many calls as he should. The Panthers won 30-20 on Sunday at the Bank of America Stadium.

 And, like any Quarterback, Newton weathered most of the pressure that came against the Panthers. And while it is natural for quarterbacks to draw attention and weather a lot of pressure, Newton has been taking a lot of hits that could end his season, if not his career; and a number of those hits should be penalized but aren’t.

 While some journalists questioned Newton on the possibility of the Sunday win turning the Panther’s season around and improving their 2-5 record, others were more interested in what Newton thought about a below-the-knees hit he took in the third quarter and which wasn’t flagged.

 Newton brushed a number of those queries aside, though it was clear that even he didn’t understand why the hit wasn’t penalized. Admitting that he didn’t feel safe, Newton spoke of reaching out to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and making some of his concerns heard.

 Cam Newton is a large man: 6-foot-5 and 260 pounds. It is easy to see why some officials might think him invincible, what with the way defenders tend to just bounce off him.

 And that might explain why the hits he keeps taking do not attract penalties. The QB took a number of helmet-to-helmet shots in the Denver opener, and only one of them was actually flagged.


 When Arizona defensive tackle Calais Campbell struck Newton below the knee on Sunday in the third quarter, knocking him to the group, a penalty should have been called.

 It took both players a few seconds to determine whether they were still in one piece, at which point Newton expressed his disapproval to the Arizona player and the officials. The officials claimed to have missed the hit and could do little more than apologize.

Newton seems to attract aggressive plays from opponents; however, looking back at his rookie season, a number of defenders were penalized 14 times for striking Newton a little too aggressively.

That has changed over time; not a single player had a call made against them for roughing Newton up last season. Newton has taken way too many hits since he came to the NFL, and the Panthers cannot afford to ignore the trend.

The team needs Newton at full strength if they are to make a run in the NFC South. Newton has begun taking precautions. Because he doesn’t feel safe in the pocket, he often prefers to run in the open field where he isn’t a sitting duck.

For Newton, it is especially frustrating, not because he takes so many hits but because he keeps seeing other NFL players facing similar threats and getting the necessary responses and calls from officials. Newton just wants to be treated the same as any other quarterback in the game.  –

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