Cam’Ron Responds To Jim Jones Crying On IG Live – Talks Max B, Jay Z, Chrissy & More [VIDEO]

New York Dipset fans were tuned into Cam’Ron addressing his current beef with Jim Jones last night on IG Live like it was the Super Bowl. Cam’Ron explained at length where things went wrong with him explaining that it all originated from a prank he played on Jim involving his wifey Chrissy and how it all went downhill from there. He also addressed Jim’s beef with Max B, Tru Life, Jay Z and more. Check it out below…

New York dudes were watching this play out like they were watching a hood soap opera. You know its a new era when dudes who grew up with eachother and made major money together air eachother out and take their beef to social media. Cam should’ve gotten a check from Pepsi the way he was advertising it in this video. What do you think of what Cam had to say? Is Jim at fault or is Cam? Let us know!

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