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Artist Spotlight – Diverse Character

Trenton, New Jersey representative—Damon Jeremiah Washington, also know as Diverse Character (DC), is an emerging emcee with an innate desire to become a household name. His music—is not only hypnotizing, but it is also—diverse like the emoji character sets on your smart phones and computers. I got a chance to kick it with DC—the young hot spitta—and this is what he had to say….

Artist Spotlight: Jahnathan Nerette (Miami, Fl)

17 year-old, Miami native Jahnathan Nerrette is set to embark on to the music scene with the release of his upcoming mix tape entitled “Grass Roots”.This project which consist of 12 tracks can easily be considered as a fusion between traditional conscious reggae lyrics and rhythms, with an early 90’s Golden Era hip-hop feel. Jahnathan began his journey as an artist two years ago and is influenced by legendary musicians such as Dennis Brown, Garnett Silk, Bob Marley, Supercat, Mos Def, Nas, and The Fugees just to name a few….

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Fantum – “007”

Artist, producer and engineer for Bangembeats Ent. FANTUM started his own Independent label back in 2005. Fantum, while working as an artist since 1993 and started building his own studio in the year of 2001. Fantum has worked with major recording artists such as Wyclef and Reptile at Booga Basement Studio in Jersey. Throughout Fantum’s journey, he came across Sony Records who offered him a recording contract. Fantum turned the deal down due to image issues which would of changed his character. He came to realization that the management that Fantum did business with could not pull their own weight; therefore it was time to part ways….

W.O.D.S. Exclusive Interview with ‘Sisterhood of Hip-Hop’ star Nyemiah Supreme

Southside Jamaica, Queens representative—Nyemiah Supreme is on the verge of becoming a household name in the music industry, and this is the reason why. Famed television network—Oxygen, and Hip-Hop/Rap Legend—T.I., have teamed up to produce—Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop (SOHH), a brand-new reality show—aimed at highlighting the lives and careers of five up-and-coming female emcees—Nyemiah Supreme, Brianna Perry, Diamond, Bia and Siya. I got a chance to converse with Nyemiah Supreme before SOHH’s August 12th premiere, and this is what she had to say…

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Patricia Mytime ‘Ex-Factor’ (Cover)

One of the most significant contributors to modern-day R&B is Patricia Mytime. She has become a much sought after singer and song-writer in the music industry. She is distinguished by her soulful voice, writing style and vocal arranging. Patricia is often likened to one of her idols, Aretha Franklin.  Patricia Mytime, born Patricia Muldrow in Far Rockaway, NY to Dianne Muldrow and Johnny Muldrow.  Her father was an R&B and gospel recording artist singing with “B.T Express”, “The Brooklyn All-Stars” and “The Mighty Clouds of Joy”. He also had a solo career at which time he released his own album that made it to the billboards in the 1950’s. At 11 only years old Patricia would write R&B songs. Her writing and arranging style would demonstrate how church quartet music influenced her creatively; she had created her own style of music.   

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Georgia Anne Muldrow’s New Single Produced by Kriswontwo

Artist Spotlight: Flee Boy Academy

Flee Boy Academy is a rap group based out of Long Island, New York, and their unit consists of 4 dope emcees—Flee Boy Dee, Flee Boy Clev, Flee Boy Troy and Flee Boy Tah Money. They have opened up for Fred Da Godson, performed for Roc Nation’s A&R Rel Carter, and are anticipating going on their first countrywide college tour….

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Awkwafina

Awkwafina, a female emcee of Chinese and Korean descent, discusses life as an American Millennial, being culturally relevant in hip-hop, and the key to setting yourself apart from the status quo…

Artist Spotlight: Precise (Chicago,IL)

The key to success in the entertainment business is faith, hard work, and passion. These critical elements can help an artist soar to new heights. With the recent climate of Rap – especially in the Chicago area – where artists brag about their music “increasing the murder rate”, it’s rare to hear an artist who abstains from the typical drug-dealing, gangster bravado and instead creates music with a message of unity and community restoration. That’s exactly what Chicago native Precise does. Read more of this edition of Artist Spotlight below…

Artist Spotlight: Jahnathan Nerette (Miami, Fl)

17 year-old, Miami native Jahnathan Nerrette is set to embark on to the music scene with the release of his upcoming mix tape entitled “Grass Roots”.

Artist Spotlight: SpiceTheDogg (Los Angeles, CA)



A versatile and dynamic Hip Hop artist, SpiceTheDogg takes listeners on a journey like no other…

Born in Frankfurt, Germany but raised in the rough streets of Rowland Heights, CA, Spice began his American music career at a young age. While initially being inspired by the legends of Hip Hop such as Wu Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg, Spice started to write his own music. With his daily education of street knowledge and God given talent, Spice is now taking the recording industry  by storm.

Spice TheDogg’s culture sense is quite unique. Being born in Europe and bred in the Los Angeles melting pot, Spice’s connection to different ethnicities is unparalleled.

With help from the Heights Up Ent. staff executives, the above mentioned inspirations, combined with his charismatic stage presence, SpiceTheDogg is the representation of everything that has been great about Hip Hop in the past and takes it tot the next level.

With the diverse sounds in Hip Hop such as West Coast, East Coat, and the Dirty South, Spice’s talents allow him to create and perform within any style he chooses.

SpiceTheDogg has been seen performing at venues such as LA Live, House of Blues-San Diego, Glass Hous, Crazy Horse, and many other clubs across California.

He is currently in the studio recording his first full, highly anticipated studio album with Super Producer and Engineer Nick Espi.

Contact info:, (714)651-2024

New Music Video by Def Jam Recording Artist Jhene Aiko (WODS Approved)

New Music Video By Jhene Aiko – The Worst (Def Jam/Artium)

Did MTV Put Asap Rocky On The Spot At The VMA Awards???

Last night, the MTV VMA awards were highlighted by many special moments like Justin Timberlake’s performance and afterwards receiving the Michael Jackson vanguard award or Katy Perry’s stunning performance under the Brooklyn Bridge or Miley Cyrus showing her ass… or lack of one lol. But to me the most stunning moment of the evening was seeing Asap Rocky looking terrified when he was placed to grace  the stage with former NBA basketball player Jason Collins who recently came out the closet and admitted that he’s gay.

Asap Rocky and Jason Collins were onstage together to introduce rapper Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis to perform their latest single “Same Love” a song that touches on gay rights.


Before the performance, Jason Collins spoke out about gay rights and then the stage was given to Asap Rocky. Asap Rocky looked terrified, but many people myself included were left wondering “Why did they choose Asap Rocky to be included in that portion of the show? Was MTV sending a subliminal shot at the rapper???” Me being the Brooklyn kid I am, had to reach out to several employees I know that worked the event at the Barclay Center to get their input on the energy in the building, and this is what I was told: “The building was buzzing like crazy Akbazz!!!!!  People were whispering, shocked and amazed,” said one employee. Another employee said, “a bunch of rap artists backstage were laughing their ass off when they saw the look on the rapper’s face” and the last employee said they witnessed members of YMCMB looking “shocked and amazed” and some laughing as well. So again, the question is “Why did MTV choose Asap Rocky to appear for that portion of the show??? Why not an openly gay artist like Lady Gaga who speaks out for gay rights???”


Why not Miley Cyrus who’s saggy ass was already slated to be talk of the town??? Why not a gay rights activist representative?? WHY ASAP ROCKY???

MTV who’s known for having crazy moments to promote shock value had to have known that there are rumors in the industry about his sexual preference, and was this an effort to exploit it… or was it their way of asking the rap artist to take a monumental stand on a big stage for the world to see?!!! MTV makes it clear through programs that focus on shock value during their award ceremonies that they look for these moments, and have no problem in aiding and assisting with these moments. Does MTV know something that we don’t know, and scheduled Asap Rocky for that portion of the show for that reason…or was it for shock value??? Inquiring minds would like to know! One thing’s for sure, and two things are for certain: that was a calculated move at it’s best that worked, cuz the social media world was buzzing about it last night.

ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS! Advantage Hyundai & Are Looking for Star for New Commercial

If you’re an up & coming artist looking for your next big break & more exposure, here’s your shot!:

Advantage Hyundai and are looking for talented performers so we could jump start their music career. We have the video director, producers, production assistants and production equipment ready. All we need now, is someone to be that Superstar in front of the cameras!!!

Contest Rules:


Here are a few sure ways for you to officially enter into the contest and be one of the 3 Finalists:

Step 1: You must create a 2 minute Youtube video showcasing your talent. Whether singing, rapping or spoken word. In your performance you have to mention the following ” ADVANTAGE HYUNDAI ” in your video. You also have to name one of the following vehicles (Veloster,Genesis or Equus) in your submission video as part of your performance.

Step 2: Once your video is completed, go to our official Facebook page “Advantage Hyundai of Hicksville” click the “Like” button to officially place yourself in the contest. You also have to go to our official Twitter page @advantagehyundai and follow us. Then submit your video links to both of our official pages with the following hashtags ‎#Roadtosuccess ‎#advantagehyundai ‎#industrymuscle.

Step 3: The Contest submission deadline is July 20th 2013. The winner will be announced by July 26th 2013 on our official Facebook page. Posting on our Facebook or Twitter is Unlimited so have fun, All video submissions must be Clean without Profanity. No purchase necessary.That Simple!! We’ll be watching our pages for the best creative performance to get you on the ” ROAD TO SUCCESS ” Good luck!! Contestants must be 18 years old, with a valid drivers license. All winners will have to sign a consent and release waiver.

The Winner will receive:
1 Professionally Shot Music Video by James ” Kraze” Billings done videos for Pepsi, Ciroc, Jim Jones, Maino, Dj Drama, Chrisete Michelle
2 Music video featured on Advantage Hyundai’s Official Website
3 Featured on our media partners websites
4 Behind the scenes Photos

” A DAY IN THE LIFE” contest presented by Advantage Hyundai and

Want to be treated like a Celebrity? Drive a brand new car, Get some hard Cold Cash$$$$, and have your very own Professional Camera crew for you and a friend to be followed around for a day like Superstars? Then this is the Contest for you!!!


Exclusive Interview with Chill Will

chill will

LEFT: Interviewer Leroy Brown, RIGHT: Chill Will

“Failure is just a losing competitor I defeated in this ‘game’ called life” – Chill Will

I go by the name of Chill Will but, I was born Will Curry on August 9th. Growing up was a learning experience, living in the notoriously known borough of Brooklyn, New York. However, at the age of fifteen, Queens became the second borough that helped shape my perspective on life. Also, both boroughs influenced and impacted my musical career tremendously and served as motivation to chase my dreams until it became reality.

Music has always been a part of my life. I grew up in the 90’s, an era of the greatest of the greats in rap music, including my favorite rapper Biggie. For many years I admired the craft of many musical geniuses, such as Biggie of course, Rakim, Nas, Jayz…just to name a few. But, my own passion for rapping did not surface until I was around the age of twelve. Unfortunately, I let people talk me out of my dream when they would tell me ‘I’ll never be a rapper, it just was not something I could do’. Therefore, I did not take it seriously and I stopped rapping for a few years, even though I would privately write in my spare time. Finally, at sixteen I decided that I can’t live without expressing myself through rap and that’s when I knew that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. At that point, I was simply jumping on tracks here and there and writing in my free time but, I was not devoting my life to it completely. That was until my right hand Los told me I was actually good and that’s when I knew I had to turn around and tell all the people who told me I cant, “WATCH ME!” Thus, Los who has been my manager off and on for years, sat me down one night and expressed to me that he felt I was not going as hard as I should and I felt like that night changed my whole life and that’s when everything became all about rap. Ever since then, I’ve been going hard, trying to educate myself so I can educate others through my music. I practically live in the studio because I’m there working almost everyday.

Furthermore, music is the way I want to provide for myself and my family. Not just for the money or the fame but, because of the strong love and connection I have with music: I don’t envision myself doing anything else. Music runs through my blood and not to sound ridiculous but, it puts a cool aid smile on my face (for lack of a better expression). Hence, my greatest accomplishment is not to simply be a rapper who is considered the greatest but, a rapper who is lyrically understood, one who inspires and educates.

Most importantly, I pray to God everyday thanking him for life and for my talent and asking him to give me the strength and drive to prosper in all aspects of life.

Lastly, throughout this journey, there were those who did not give up on me and have supported me every step of the way. Therefore, I would love to thank my family, friends, manager, producers, supporters and all those who’s going to join the HEALTHY family. ✌

New Music: Chris Brown feat. Aaliyah – “They Don’t Know” [Video]

New music from Chris Brown feat. Aaliyah called “They Don’t Know” which discusses gang violence. Chris Brown album drops July 16th.

New Music from Kris Kelli “I Got Ur Man”


The Jamaican beauty follows up the success of her first single and self-empowerment anthem “Warrior” with a new dancehall-inspired record

AUDIO: “I Got Ur Man” – Kris Kelli >>>>>>>>>>>

ATLANTA, GA (May 13, 2013)  — Kris Kelli, a rising star in the industry and Block Entertainment’s newest signee, partners up with Roc City produced track for her new single “I Got UR Man” — an authentic dancehall-inspired record — from her recent mixtape “Warrior.” The Caribbean native has taken the music world by storm with her effortless blend of island pop, soft R&B and gritty passion for a refreshing, unique sound. Over the past two years, the island artist has released hit single after hit single, drumming up anticipation for her latest project. Now with a new image, new sound and brand new campaign, Kris Kelli is on the horizon for international stardom.

Named after her growing worldwide fan base “Team Warriors,” Kris Kelli’s latest project is an audio documentary explaining what a true warrior means to the Jamaican beauty. She plans to release music videos for “I Got Ur Man” and the sultry fan favorite “Like A Drum,” and is slated to embark on a multi-city tour this summer.

Follow Kris Kelli online at:


YCMG – Young Conscious Music Group release their version of “COKE BOY” entitled “GEE BOY” Check it out.