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How to Bet the NBA Playoffs

With April quickly upon us, the games are about get much more meaningful in the NBA. Once the seeding is finalized, be sure to head over to for betting odds for the NBA playoff games. There are two types of bets you can place in the playoffs, and we will explore each option in a bit more depth…

NBA Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone, and like usual it was full of surprises. While no “top” names were traded on Thursday, there was plenty of action. While some teams improved by making a trade or multiple, it was what some teams didn’t do that was telling as well. Now that the deadline is over, NBA betting lines are sure to look a little different moving forward…

Olympic Long Jumper Tianna Bartoletta Wins Medal At World Championships While Being Homeless

Today’s “Good News of the Day” comes courtesy of a team USA Olympic long jumper by the name of Tianna Bartoletta. Tianna had been going through some tough times as was dealing with severe depression when her IAAD world championship competitions came up. Bartoletta was even homeless the three months leading up to the event, but that did not stop her from doing her thing! Check out her inspirational story below…

George Foreman Blasts Colin Kaepernick & Kevin Durant for Not Supporting Their “Good President” Donald Trump [VIDEO]

SMH….The only good thing to come out of this Trump presidency is that it continuous to reveal whose who in our society. George Foreman went on Fox News to sing his praises for Donald Trump and slam professional athletes Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant for voicing their concern over social issues. Foreman questioned their sincerity and thanked Trump for helping him out of his bankruptcy crisis back in the early 90’s. Check out what this racoon George Foreman had to say….

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Jevon McGlory – “I Want You” Feat. Fred Kelly

Kuechly Says Concussion Won’t Affect the Way He Plays

The Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is considered one of the best linebackers in the NFL right now, because he can play against both the pass and the run. Some also say Kuechly is the perfect linebacker for today’s NFL because it allows him to use both his run stopping and pass defending skills. If you want to bet on the Panthers this season, check out the betting wagers for 2017 NFL games.

Running Backs Set to Dominate Starting Position

Who knew running backs would ever become a thing again? The fact that Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook have starting spots in camp says volumes. Rookies are taking over and the starters ahead of them are suffering as a result. One wonders how the betting odds for the 2017 NFL season will change as a result. 

Georgia Father’s Inspirational Videos of Him & His Son Dancing Go Viral! [VIDEO]

A Georgia father wanted to inspire other dads to build strong relationships with their children so he decided to post some videos of him and his 4-year-old son dancing. Now, Stanley Freeland and his son, Josiah, are getting the internet’s attention for the dance videos they post to social media. Their videos have now gone viral racking up thousands of hits and even got the media’s attention! Check out their story below…

Usher Reportedly Does Not Have Herpes & Plans To Sue His Accusers

Usher has been getting his named dragged through the mud for the past week after he was accused by a few women, and even a man, of knowingly giving them herpes. Well now, some new information has been brought to light that just may clear Usher’s name! Check it out below…

Mike Delorean of Bars-N-Hooks Says Prodigy’s Mural Was Defaced Because of His Book ‘My Infamous Life’

Mobb Deep fans were highly upset at the sight of the mural in Queensbridge dedicated to Prodigy being defaced not once, but twice by unknown vandals and someone in the know is finally explaining why. Mike Delorean of Bars-N-Hooks, which was the first rap group on Prodigy’s Infamous Records label, is breaking his silence and explaining the real reason why they can no longer have a Prodigy mural in Queensbridge. Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Student Sandra Musujusu Discovers New Treatment For Breast Cancer!

Today’s “Good News of the Day” comes courtesy of a female student from the African University of Science and Technology, Abuja, Sandra Musujusu, has developed an alternative treatment for breast cancer! The scientific breakthrough might lead to a lasting solution in the treatment of breast cancer prevalent among women world over! Check out the details below…

Don’t Miss W.O.D.S.’ Annual ‘Brunch Edition’ Pool Day Party On August 5th!!

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TRB2HH Presents: Checkout My Melody| A True Story About Rakim [VIDEO]

Checkout My Melody is one of the most honest docuseries to date on Rakim. Eric B and Rakim’s contribution to Hip Hop goes way beyond music. It’s their influence, style and persona that changed the Hiphop Culture. In this film you will see and hear accounts of their success never capture in it’s entirety on film. The story focuses on the two major records that got the world to notice them “ Eric B is president and Checkout My Melody”.  Also with an exclusive listen of the original “Checkout My melody” That Rakim used to show legendary producer Marley Marl…

4 Tips to Get Teens Ready for the Big College Entrance Exam Day

The words “SAT” and “ACT often strike fear in the hearts of teenagers across the country. Much pressure is placed upon these college entrance exams, and it’s normal to feel like your entire future depends on a single test. While SAT and ACT scores are important to colleges, it’s important that as a teen, you know that with proper preparation, anyone can perform well on these standardized tests. As parents with stressed-out teens, you should know how to make sure they are as prepared as possible for the big day….

French Montana Raises Over $250K for Kids In Uganda With His ‘Unforgettable Healthcare Campaign’ [VIDEO]

Rappers get a bad name, especially in the media, but today’s “Good News of the Day” comes courtesy of rapper French Montana who is putting his money where his heart is on his humanitarian mission to make healthcare a right, and not a privilege, for those less fortunate. Check out his inspirational story below…

Jay Z Talks: Cheating On Beyonce, Fight In Elevator with Solange, His Mother Being a Lesbian, Beef with Kanye & Much More On New “4:44 Album [VIDEO]

Jay Z currently has the internet going nuts with the release of his new “4:44” album! Jay got pretty personal on this one and addressed most of the rumors that have been floating around him and Beyonce for the past few years including his extramarital affair with “Becky”, that epic fight with Solange in the elevator, his beef with Kanye and even his mother’s struggles with her sexuality. For all those who are wondering what the fuss is about but don’t have Sprint or Tidal, check out a few of the highlights below…

R.I.P. Prodigy from Mobb Deep Passes Away At 42

Some sad news to report today as it has been confirmed that legendary  rapper Albert Johnson a.k.a. Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away today. Check out the details below…

*Update: Cop Who Shot Philando Castile On FB Live Found Not Guilty

SMH….Here we go again! A Minnesota jury has found a Twin Cities cop not guilty on all counts for the fatal shooting of Philando Castile, captured on Facebook Live last summer. Check out the details below….

*UPDATE: Former Cop Who Was Fired For NOT Shooting 21-Year-Old Father Files Lawsuit Against City

Last year, we told you about a former West Virginia police officer who witnessed the fatal police shooting of a young black man saying he was fired for not shooting the man himself. Well, he has now filed a federal lawsuit which revealed even more disturbing details of that tragic day. Check out the details below…

8-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide 2 Days After Being Beat Unconscious By School Bullies

SMH….This bullying/suicide trend with the youth in our society is out of control. Surveillance video shows bullies at a Cincinnati elementary school brutally attacking an unconscious 8-year-old boy, who would take his own life two days later. What makes this even worse is that school officials never even told the parents that their child was beaten to a pulp which would’ve probably saved his life. Check out the details of this alarming story below…