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‘Get Out’ Actor Responds To Samuel L. Jackson’s Criticism of Him: “I Resent That I Have To Prove That I’m Black”

The star of the hit movie ‘Get Out’, British actor Daniel Kaluuya, is responding to Samuel L. Jackson’s criticism of casting a Brit to play the lead role of an African American male in the film. Samuel basically said that he would’ve preferred seeing an African American play the role as the boyfriend,”Because Daniel grew up in a country where they have been interracial dating for 100 years”, and may have missed some of the nuances that a Black American would have brought to it. Check out Daniel Kaluuya’s response to Samuel L’s criticism and let us know who YOU agree with…

Karrueche’s Neighbor Backs Up Her Story of Chris Brown Physically Abusing Her: “I’ve Heard Him Beating Her Myself & Called Police”

They say there are two sides to every story and somewhere in between lies the truth. Fans who have been paying attention to the domestic abuse allegations and the restraining order leveled against Chris Brown this week by his ex-girlfriend Karrueche have been divided on who was actually telling the truth. Karrueche says she feared that Chris would follow through on threats he allegedly made about killing her while Chris’ friends claim she fabricated the entire story because she was jealous Chris had finally moved on. Well, a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter by the name of Kay Cola, who happens to be Karrueche’s next-door neighbor, is now speaking up in defense of Karrueche and claims that she can actually verify her physical abuse allegations because she called police after she heard it herself! Check out what she had to say below and let us know what you think….

Carlos Santana Apologizes for Saying Beyonce Is “Not a Singer” & Makes ‘Music To Model a Dress”

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana issued an apology for saying in an interview that the reason why Adele won the Album of the Year Grammy over Beyonce was because Beyonce is “not a singer”. Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Steve Harvey Blasts “Punk A** People” Who Started Petition To Remove His Radio Show & Takes Shots At D.L. Hughley [AUDIO]

Steve Harvey is still upset about the backlash he received after meeting with Donald Trump and went off on his radio show this morning blasting his critics and the people who created a petition to have his show removed. His rant may make his situation worse being that he basically said that blacks are too weak, fat and lazy to protest against him anyway. He also seemed to take some shots at fellow comedian D.L. Hughley who also criticized some of the moves his peer has been making lately. Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Stacey Dash Is Fired From Fox News & Social Media Is Loving It!

In another episode of “When Coonin’ Goes Wrong”, social media is rejoicing over the news that controversial Fox contributor Stacey Dash has been fired from Fox News!  A representative for the network confirmed the parting of ways over the weekend, pointing out that Dash has not appeared on Fox News since September. Dash has yet to comment on the matter, but continues to identify herself as a Fox News “contributor” in her Twitter bio. Check out the field day Twitter users are having over her long overdue departure….

Chrisette Michele Pens Open Letter Defending Her Decision To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration After Fierce Backlash

Singer Chrisette Michele has been getting a LOT of backlash on social media after it was confirmed that she will be performing at president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. The songstress finally decided to respond to her critics by penning an open letter on her Instagram and Twitter pages and ended it with the hashtag #NoPoliticalGenius but…it doesn’t seem to be going over to well with her fans judging by her comment section. Check out her letter below and let us know what YOU think!

Disturbing Video Shows 15-Year-Old Student Opening Fire On Fellow Classmates Before Committing Suicide [VIDEO]

Some very sad news to report as it has been confirmed that a 15-year-old boy opened fire inside the classroom of a Monterrey, Mexico, school Wednesday, wounding four before turning the gun on himself and it was all caught on video. Check out the details and video below but we must warn you, this video is very graphic….

Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Scheduled To Fight On Jan. 20th In Celebrity Boxing Match

After days of back-and-forth social media threats, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s celebrity boxing match is scheduled to take place on Jan.2oth according to Adrian Broner. The boxer posted a flyer seemingly confirming the affair but Floyd Mayweather, who is Soulja Boy’s supposed “trainer”, also posted his own version of the flyer himself. Check out some footage of Chris Brown training below and let us know who you got in a fight between the two…..

Lol…this is hilarious but we’re still here for it. Check out some footage of Chris Brown & Soulja Boy training below…

#ChrisBrown out here getting ready for his bout with #SouljaBoy #digitalfeedmedia

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Kanye West & Donald Trump Have Secret Meeting At Trump Tower [VIDEO]

Fresh out of his mental health facility, Kanye West — a vocal Donald Trump supporter who has vowed to run for President in 2020 — met with the President-elect Donald Trump for a secretive 15-minute conversation inside Manhattan’s glitzy Trump Tower. Check out the details and video footage of the strange pair below…

Award-Winning Director Lee Daniels Claims Racism Isn’t “Real” So He Doesn’t “Embrace” It [VIDEO]

Award winning director Lee Daniels created a firestorm on social media today after he made a statement on The View that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Lee said, “I wouldn’t be where I was if I embraced racism. If I embraced it, then it became real. And if it became real, I would be an angry Black man.” Many felt that that Lee was forgetting the fact that racism is a very real issue

The Irony – Chris Brown Goes On Rant About Celebrities Pretending To Be Gang Members

The irony in this story is strong! Chris Brown, of all people, had the nerve to co-sign a comment about people coming into the industry and suddenly becoming fake gang members. He even went on a rant agreeing with the comment himself screaming about how “THIS CALIFORNIA SH** REAL” and how these “industry ni**as live by no code” among other things. Ironically, being the fact that Chris Brown grew up in Virginia and only started throwing up Blood gang signs after he got into the music industry and moved to LA, many people accuse Chris of being the exact same fake gang member that he’s complaining about! Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Fans Still Upset At Charlamagne for Going Out with Controversial Conservative Tomi Lahren [VIDEO]

Fans of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club are still letting Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God have it for going out with controversial conservative host Tomi Lahren for what he called a “discussion”. While Charlamagne tried to explain on the show yesterday that his goal was to open up dialogue between himself and the host known for her racist rhetoric, many felt that Charlamagne, who frequently admits that he would love to “sell out” if given the right financial opportunity, was really just satisfying his inner coon by meeting up with the blonde Bill O’Reilly and essentially gave her a bigger platform. Check out both sides of the argument below and let us know what you think….

Trevor Noah Finally Checking Conservative Host Tomi Lahren On the Daily Show Goes Viral [Full VIDEO]

This video is so satisfying to watch. If you’ve ever heard or seen right-wing conservative nutjob Tom Lahren spout her racist rhetoric and wanted to smack her through the TV screen then this video is for you. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah finally owned her on his show and people are loving it! Check it out below and watch what happens when stupidity meets common sense and intellect….

Kanye West’s Epic Rant Against Beyonce & Jay : “Jay Z, I Know You Got Killers. Please Don’t Send Them At My Head!” [VIDEO]

Kanye West went on one of his epic rants at his Sacremento concert and even his most die-hard fans are calling it the official mental breakdown. Kanye ended his performance after only 15 minutes, leaving concert goers highly upset, but not before ranting about Jay Z and Beyonce! Right before storming off stage, Kanye casually mentioned that Jay allegedly has “killers” who could come after him! Check it out below…

Kanye West Gets Booed & Trash Thrown At Him After Saying He Would’ve Voted for Trump – If He Voted [FULL VIDEO]

Kanye West is catching hell on social media right now for some pro-Trump comments he made at a concert last night in California. After expressing his support for Trump and his debate style, West got booed and trash thrown at him by his own fans after he said, “I didn’t vote but if I did, I would have voted for Trump”…

Creator of the ‘Simpson’s’ Says That Their Prediction of Donald Trump Winning the Presidency Was a “Warning to America” [VIDEO]

Is art imitating life or is life imitating art? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves ever since the ‘Simpson’s’ predicted that Donald Trump would eventually become president of the United States. If that wasn’t eerie enough, they even predicted the exact number of states that Hillary and Donald won last night on an electoral map! Check out what the creator of the ‘Simpson’s’ Matt Groening had to say about their mind-blowing predictions…

Why Isn’t the Media Talking About the 3 White Males Who shot 6 Cops In the Past 5 Days?

This is an interesting article from NY Daily News writer/activist Shaun King about the lack of media coverage of 6 recent police shooting conducted by 3 white men that have gone virtually unnoticed. Check out the details below…

Dave Chappelle Calls This Election “Disgusting” & Says He Reluctantly Voted for Hillary Clinton

After multiple media outlets and blogs falsely reported that Dave Chappelle “defended Trump and ripped Hillary Clinton” during a Friday night set in New York City last week, Dave Chappelle is making it abundantly clear that his comedy should not be misconstrued as supporting one presidential candidate over the other – and that he reluctantly voted for Hillary. Check out the details below….

Lil Wayne Claps Back At T.I. for Calling Him a “Coon” Over His Black Lives Matter Comments

T.I. called out his peer/close friend Lil Wayne for “coonin” in an open letter this weekend for his recent comments regarding Black Lives Matter. During the interview, Wayne spoke dismissively about the movement and claimed that racism doesn’t exist because he’s a “rich ni**a” [click here if you missed it]. After the backlash he caught, Wayne later half-way apologized, and reportedly fired his publicists for failing to prevent the broadcast but that wasn’t enough for T.I. Check out what T.I. said to his former homie and Lil Wayne’s response to his comments below…

Lil Wayne Says He Feels No Connection To Black Lives Matter: “Don’t Come At Me With That Dumb Sh**, Maam” [VIDEO]

Lil Wayne stirred up some controversy with some comments he made regarding his disconnection to the Black Lives Matter movement on ‘Nightline’ recently. In the interview, the rapper claimed that he can’t relate to the BLM movement because he is a young, rich and black man with a white cameraman recording him. He also told the interviewer that any struggles that black people are going through have nothing to do with him and warned her not to “come at me with that dumb sh**” among other things. Check out the footage below…