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Suge Knight Sues Dr. Dre for Hiring a Hitman To Kill Him

The notorious CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, recently filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dre claiming that Dre hired a hitman to kill him! Check out the details below…

Jay Z Hosting Concert for Hillary Clinton To Attract Young, Black Voters In Cleveland

Jay Z is reportedly using his star power influence to help Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton win over young, black voters and hosting a concert for her in Cleveland. Check out the details below…

RZA Admits Russell Crowe Spit At Azealia Banks During Their Fight But Says She Was Out of Control [VIDEO]

The plot to this Russel Crow/Azealia Banks/RZA drama keeps getting thicker! Controversial singer Azealia Banks recently accused Oscar winner Russell Crowe of calling her the N-word, spitting on her and throwing her out of his Beverly Hills hotel party where she was a guest of Wu Tang Clan head honcho RZA. Azealia ended up lodging a police complaint against Crowe and demanded a public apology. RZA jumped to Crowe’s defense and wrote an open letter saying that Azealia was actually the one acting out of control and that all her accusations against Russell were false. Many believed this to be true given Azealia’s reputation. But now RZA just admitted in an interview with TMZ that Russell did actually attempt to spit at her and missed but he still feels that Azealia was still to blame for the entire brawl because she was out of her mind. Check it out below and let us know who you think is telling the truth in this one….

Jay Z Becomes the First Rapper Ever Nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Jay Z just added another notch to his already successful belt. He just became the first rapper ever nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame! Check out the details and let us know if you think he is worthy of the award below….

Kanye West Upset At Jay Z for Not Visiting Him After Kim Kardashian’s Robbery [VIDEO]

Wordondastreet is that a certain portion of Kanye’s epic rant last night at his concert was directed at his “brother” Jay Z for not coming by his house to check up on him and his wife Kim after her Paris robbery. Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Michel’le Lands Meeting with Oprah Winfrey After Her Biopic Exposes Dr. Dre’s Domestic Abuse

Dr. Dre isn’t going to like this! Michel’le’s biopic has been catching a lot of attention, much to Dr. Dre’s dismay, ever since it premiered this past weekend and now it has caught the attention of mega-mogul Oprah Winfrey! Check out the details below….

Nicki Minaj Calls Out Kanye for Becoming the Black Guy In His Song ‘Gold Digger’ Who Gets Rich & Leaves Black Women for a ‘White Girl’

Nicki Minaj called out Kanye West for becoming the same black guy he rapped about in his hit song ‘Gold Digger’ who becomes rich and then leaves black women for a “white girl”. She also stated that she felt there is a double standard that exists when black women display their sexual side as opposed to white women. Check out what she had to say below and let us know if you agree with her or not…

*Update: Tommy from ‘Martin’ Passes Away At 52 After Suffering Aneurysm

Some sad news to report as TMZ has confirmed that Tommy Ford, who is most well-known for playing “Tommy” on the 90’s sitcom classic “Martin”, is currently on life support after an an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen and passed away this afternoon. Check out the details below…

For Discussion: Why Did Nat Turner Biopic ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Flop Hard At Theaters This Weekend?

The controversial Nat Turner biopic ‘The Birth of a Nation’, written, directed by, and starring Nate Parker, was a flop in its opening weekend, only pulling in  about $7.1 million after it was bought by Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Our question to our audience is why did the African American community not support this movie? Check out the details and let us know what you think…..

Halle Berry Denies Ric Flair’s Claim That He Slept With Her & Says She Never Even Heard of Him [VIDEO]

Wrestling legend Ric Flair stirred up some controversy this week on his radio show when he made the claim that he had sex with the beautiful Halle Barry back in the day. Halle caught wind of the slander and she is not feeling it! Check out her response through her rep below…

Actor Mike Colter Confirms That Luke Cage’s Hoodie Is a Tribute To Trayvon Martin

Netflix’s new take on Marvel superhero Luke Cage is making a lot of noise right now and for good reason! It’s an entertaining show that manages to tackle real-life  issues and current events affecting the black community without being preachy. One aspect of the show that stands out is the character’s affinity for wearing a hoodie. Many wondered what was the inspiration for the character’s choice of wardrobe and now the actor who plays Luke, Mike Colter, has confirmed the answer to that question. According to Colter, the hoodie was indeed inspired by Trayvon Martin. Check out his explanation in an interview below….

Kim Kardashian Tied Up & Robbed At Gunpoint of $10 Million In Jewels In Paris

Bold masked robbers took advantage of the one time cameras weren’t following Kim Kardashian around. Five gunmen tied up and robbed Kim Kardashian during a brazen Paris heist early Monday, stealing jewelry worth more than $10 million dollars from a private residence, police said. Check out the details below….

Wait, What? Mary J. Blige Serenades Hillary Clinton In Awkward Song About Police Brutality [VIDEO]

You would think after the whole Burger King chicken wrap fiasco that Mary J. Blige got herself involved in years ago, she would have learned not to do stuff like this. Some footage was just released teasing Mary J.Blige’s upcoming interview with Hillary Clinton on her upcoming Apple Music show The 411 and it isn’t winning over any social media users. Check out this awkward clip from the interview showing Mary serenading Hillary Clinton with a song about police brutality….

New Trailer for Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me” Biopic [VIDEO]

The 2nd teaser for the new Tupac Shakur “All Eyez On Me” was released this morning and it looks pretty good! Check out the details and the footage below…

Hit Mumble Rapper Desiigner Arrested on Drug & Felony Gun Charges After Road-Rage Incident

Desiigner, the guy who made the hit-song “Panda”, Desiigner was arrested Thursday night in NYC in a road rage incident that led to felony drug and weapons charges . Check out the details below…

Dame Dash Calls Jay Z & Beyonce “Cowards” for Not Defending His Ex Rachel Roy a.k.a. ‘Becky With the Good Hair’ from the BeyHive

Dame Dash is coming to his ex-wife Rachel Roy’s defense and blasting Jay Z and Beyonce for not correcting fans who accused her of being the “Becky with the good hair” mistress that Beyonce mentioned in her hit song “Lemonade”. Dame called Jay and Beyonce “cowards” while also admitting that the rumor could be true?! Check it out below..

Taraji P. Henson Blasts 50 Cent for Comparing Vivica Fox to Botched Plastic Surgery Victim

50 Cent, who has been beefing with his ex Vivica A. Fox ever since she accused him of having a gay relationship with Soulja Boy last year, threw a seemingly random harsh shot at her yesterday in an Instagram post which inspired actress Taraji P. Henson to come to her defense. Check it out below…

Teyana Taylor Reveals Her Secret To Achieving Her Sculpted “Fade” Body [VIDEO]

Teyana Taylor has become every woman’s “#BodyGoals” hashtag after her much talked about performance to Kanye West’s “Fade” song at the VMA Awards recently. Teyana has, of course, been flooded with people asking her what her secret to her amazing post-baby body is and we’ve got some good news and bad news for you. The good news is that one of her methods is something every woman can do but the other….not so much! Check out the details below…

Rudy Giuliani Blasts Beyonce’s VMA Performance: “I Saved More Black Lives Than Any Of Those People On Stage”

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani was upset at Beyonce’s Super Bowl half-time show and apparently her recent VMA performance agitated him as well. Giuliani reacted angrily Monday to Beyoncé’s appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, calling a performance in which the award-winning singer referenced gun violence “a shame.” Check out the details below…

John Legend Brings the Story of “Black Wall Street” To TV

Singer/Producer John Legend is bringing the long-awaited story of the tragic massacre that occurred in 1921 called Black Wall Street to a TV screen near you! Check out the details below…