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LAPD Pays $1.5 Million Settlement for Killing Unarmed Mentally Ill Black Man But Won’t Press Charges

The Los Angeles City Council approved a $1.5 million payout Wednesday to settle the 2014 police killing of Ezell Ford, an unarmed, mentally ill black man but refuse to press charges against the officers involved. Check out the details below and let us know what you think….

Man Charged with Raping 14-Year-Old Girl Sentenced to Abstinence Until Marriage?

SMH….What is with these judges these days giving young, white male rapists ridiculously lenient sentences? In sentencing a 19-year-old who pleaded guilty to statutory rape last week, a judge in Idaho sentenced him to government-mandated celibacy. Yes, you read that right.  Check out the details below…

After 2 Weeks In Office, 40% of American Voters Say They Want To Impeach Donald Trump

After only 2 weeks into Donald Trump’s Presidency, 40% of voters already want to impeach him. That’s up from 35% of voters who wanted to impeach him a week ago! Check out the details below….

Trump Cabinet Member Omarosa Says “Anyone Who Ever Disagreed Will Have To Bow Down To President Trump”

SMH….Former ‘Apprentice’ contestant turned Donald Trump cabinet member Omarosa says that, “Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump”.  In an ominous tone, she also insinuated that Trump would be a vindictive President: “It’s everyone who ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him, it is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.” Check out the footage below…

Syrian American Family Who Voted for Trump Gets Deported

SMH….if this isn’t the perfect example of karma then we don’t know what is. Check out this story about a Syrian family who are currently regretting their strange decision to vote for Donald Trump…..

Mother of Queens Man Who Won $10 Set for Life Scratch-Off Lottery Thought He “Got Life” In Prison

Lol…SMH….This is funny and sad at the same damn time. A Queens man scared his mother half-to-death when he told her he won a $10 Set for Life scratch-off ticket and she thought he meant he “got life” in prison! Check out the story below…

More Reasons To Cook At Home: Fast-Food Worker Accused Of Smearing Menstrual Blood On Burger

As if you needed any more reasons to cook your own healthy meals at home, a fast-food employee in Columbus, Mississippi, is facing a felony charge after she smeared spit and menstrual blood on a customer’s burger….SMH. Check out the disgusting details below….

Trump Signs Multiple Executive Orders: Anti-Abortion, Ban Middle Eastern Refugees, Continue Dakota Pipeline & Build Mexican Border Wall

Donald Trump has been pretty busy in his first few days as President signing a series of executive orders that basically live up to certain controversial promises that he made to his supporters during his campaign. Great for his supporters, not so much for America! Check out the details below….

Florida Judge Says All Blacks Should “Go Back To Africa” & Then Resigns Before Being Impeached

SMH….A Duval Circuit Judge Mark Hulsey III, the subject of an investigation over allegations that he made sexist and racially offensive comments from the bench, abruptly resigned his Jacksonville-area judgeship Monday on the eve of the start of a highly unusual impeachment investigation by the Legislature. Check out the details below…

Louisiana Passes “Blue Lives Matter” Law Making Resisting Arrest a Hate Crime

When did this happen? In the last year, Louisiana passed a new law called the “Blue Lives Matter” under the general public’s radar which made resisting arrest a hate crime. Check out the details below….

Women of Color Blamed for Dividing the Women’s March

With more than 500,000 demonstrators, the Women’s March on Washington is the largest anti-Trump protest to date and while it was largely considered a success there were some criticisms. Many women, specifically women of color, voiced their wish for the Women’s March to be more inclusive and representative. This didn’t go over too well with others in the movement who felt the March was inclusive enough and that these women were being nothing but divisive. Check it out below and let us know what you think…..

Fugitive Wanted for Killing Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend & Shooting Well-Liked Police Officer Is Finally Apprehended

41-year-old multiple murder suspect Markeith Loyd was in custody, ending a manhunt that began with the Jan. 9 fatal shooting of Master Sgt. Debra Clayton outside a Wal-Mart store. Check out the details below….

Steve Harvey Responds To Backlash He Caught for Meeting with Donald Trump: “At Least While You’re Stabbing Me…” [VIDEO]

Both Steve Harvey and his wife have responded to the enormous backlash he received on social media for meeting with Donald Trump. Check it out below…

Meet the 8 Men Who Control Half of the World’s Wealth

Here’s an interesting article posted on ABCNews that went virtually unnoticed about how 8 men, from former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, own as much wealth as half of the world (3.6 billion people)! Check it out below…

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Asia Newson’s Candle Company Makes Forbes Magazine!

Today’s “Good News of the Day” highlights the benefits of entrepreneurship and having the ability to pass on your business to your children! Check out this amazing story below….

Republican-Led Senate Takes First, Major Step Toward Repealing Obamacare

A republican-led Senate took its first steps toward repealing Obamacare and many are concerned as Donald Trump has still not disclosed any of the details as to what will replace it. Check out the details below…

Dylann Roof Sentenced To Death for Killing 9 Black Churchgoers: “I Am Not Sorry, I Have Not Shed a Tear..”

Racist scumbag Dylann Roof was sentenced to death today for killing nine black parishioners at a historic Charleston, S.C. church and he’s still unrepentant for his actions. Check out the details below……

4 Chicago Teens Charged with Torturing Special-Needs Teen After Posting Video On FB Live [VIDEO]

SMH…..Four suspects have been charged in connection with the attack on a special-needs teen that was streamed on Facebook Live. Jordan Hill, 18; Tesfaye Cooper; 18; Brittany Covington, 18; and Tanishia Covington, 24, have each been charged with a hate crime, felony aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. You can view footage of the incident below but we have to warn you that it is graphic….

Video Shows Moment Female H.S. Student Suffers Concussion After Cop Brutally Slams Her [VIDEO]

Video of a female student suffering a concussion at Rolesville High School in Rolesville, N.C. after she was brutally slammed by a police officer is going viral and causing controversy. Check out the details and the graphic video of the incident below…

Former Student Strangles His H.S. Teacher & Their 4-Year-Old Son Over Child Support & Her Dressing the Child Like a Girl

A 21-year-old  by the name of Infante Barahona strangled his 4-year-old son after the child walked in on him  killing the mother, 36-yearold- Felicia Barahona. He and and Barahona were lovers while Infante was a high school student at Dewitt Clinton H.S. in the Bronx and she was his teacher, with the woman delivering their child in August 2012. He reportedly killed his child’s mother because of the child support payments and the fact that used to dress the little boy as a girl? SMH…This story is just all kinds of messy! Check out the details below…