Charles Barkley Calls Mother of Police Shooting Victim “Ugly” After She Blasts Him for Defending Corrupt Cops In Baltimore[VIDEO]

Whose bright idea was it to give former NBA baller Charles Barkley a.k.a. Mr. Foot In His Mouth a show about race and politics? The basketball Hall of Famer and TNT analyst will debut “The Race Card” on the network in 2017, a show revolving around racism in America. During one particularly tense segment, the ever-clueless commentator managed to offend the mother of a teen who was killed by police and made things worse by implying that she was “ugly” after she gave him a piece of her mind! Everything went downhill after that…..SMH. Check out the details and some of the footage below…

The former NBA baller recently spent 48 hours in Baltimore just this past weekend and during his stay, he’d attempted to tell their local residents, activists and community leaders what he’d felt that they didn’t seem to understand about discrimination and proper policing.

Anyone who knows the history and what Baltimore has been through in the last several years can only imagine how that conversation went. Barkley, as well as the TNT production team, took to Baltimore to shoot segments for ‘The Race Card,’ which is a six-part series that is scheduled to air sometime next year.

(The TNT crew also filmed The University of Baltimore School of Law School’s symposium Saturday exploring the dynamics between police and communities of color, which Barkley did not attend, but maybe should have.)

However, to put it mildly, Barkley’s town meeting at East Baltimore’s Southern Baptist Church didn’t go as planned.

The low point of the evening appeared to be during an exchange between Barkley and Diane Butler, the mother of Tyrone West, who was killed by police three years ago:

“I’m sorry for your loss,” said Barkley, then he continued on by saying, “As far as you not liking me, it really doesn’t bother me. I’m used to it. I’m like the homecoming queen. All the ugly girls hate you. That’s part of my life. I never take anything personally.”

From that point on, the meeting had completely deteriorated and audience members showed their irritation to Barkley by insulting his lack of knowledge when it comes to Baltimore’s policing, as well as his arrogant attitude.

“What does your condolence mean to her?” said one audience member, gesturing toward Butler. “How simple and arrogant are you? There are so many black men that care about our community that for us to dwell on one man that just won’t get it is a waste of everybody’s time.”

The evening came to an end with several activists shouting at Barkley in anger. He was then “whisked off the stage by staff and security after wishing the audience a happy Thanksgiving.”

Barkley’s behavior was described to be a bit “cynical” and, needless to say, the people of Baltimore really don’t want him to come back. – via naturallymoi

SMH…You can’t tell me they didn’t know exactly what they’re doing giving this idiot a show like this. He can barely talk about basketball, let alone something as serious and complex as race and politics in America. Charles and Shaq showed their true colors a long time ago so we’re not too surprised by Chuck’s cooning anymore. He’s been in a “sunken place” for a long time now. What do YOU think about this?

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