Chicago Hits Record 512 Murders This Year with 13 Killed Over Labor Day Weekend Alone

SMH…Chicago is a certified war zone with over 512 murders already this year and 13 killed over this past Labor Day weekend. Check out the details below…

After another violent holiday weekend, Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Tuesday his department is doing all it can to combat violence rooted in “impoverished neighborhoods” where “people without hope do these kinds of things.”

“It’s not a police issue, it’s a society issue,” Johnson told reporters outside police headquarters after a long weekend that saw 65 people shot, 13 of them fatally.

“Impoverished neighborhoods, people without hope do these kinds of things,” he said. “You show me a man that doesn’t have hope, I’ll show you one that’s willing to pick up a gun and do anything with it.


“Those are the issues that’s driving this violence. CPD is doing its job,” he continued.

Johnson pointed to increases in gun arrests this year over last year — and more than 6,000 illegal gun recoveries so far in 2016 — as evidence that officers are out on the streets working.

But he acknowledged that the fallout from last year’s release of the Laquan McDonald video, and the amplified distrust between the police and African-American community, doesn’t make it easy for his officers.

“Of course, they’re human. They’re people,” Johnson said. “So of course, nobody wants to be the next viral video. These officers have families to take care of too.”

The weekend had begun relatively quietly. But the violence spiked on the last day, with 31 shot between 6 a.m. Monday and 3 a.m. Tuesday. Nine of the fatal shootings occurred over that period. – via chicagotribune

The Chicago police superintendent is 100% right. Poverty, hopelessness, poor education, etc. are all the underlying factors of the genocide being committed in Chicago right now. The government seems intent on watching us kill ourselves…of course,¬† until it spills into “other” neighborhoods.

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