A “Day Without Immigrants” Shuts Down Businesses All Over the Nation

Many cities got a small taste of what the nation would be like without immigrant-owned businesses who shut down and refused to spend money  on a “A Day Without Immigrants” in protest of Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies. Check it out below..


It’s an effort to show the Trump administration how much immigrants contribute to the country’s economy as the President continues his tough stances on immigration.

And while many immigrants and business owners refused to work in an act of solidarity, others marked the event in more unorthodox ways. Here are some of their stories:

Restaurant workers do ‘double the work’ in advance

Matt Carr, owner of the Little Red Fox restaurant in Washington, D.C., had no problem letting his immigrant employees strike — even though they’re vital to his business.

“We have three prep cooks on strike today for ‘A Day Without Immigrants.’ They are all parents worried about their families and futures,” Carr told CNN.

But before those workers went on strike, they made sure the business was taken care of.

“Dear Matt, kale salad is ready,” the protesters wrote on a note for their boss. “Fruit salad just needs blueberries + mint. Oranges are cut. Thank you, The ladies of the kitchen.”

Carr said he appreciates the dedication of his employees.

“We’re a very small business, and without them we would not be able to open today,” he said. “They not only gave me a heads-up about the strike, but did double the work yesterday, so we would be in good shape today.”

Carr said he’s “holding down the fort” by also washing dishes and preparing food. He said his business would fall apart without his immigrant employees, who come from Venezuela and Guatemala.

“Immigrants are the backbone of this country and the heart and soul of the service industry,” he said. “Without them, our small businesses would crumble. They are also part of our family here at Little Red Fox, and I, too, am worried about their future under this administration.” – via kcra

The same people who complain about immigrants would be the same people begging them to come back if they were to really leave this country in masses. What do YOU think about Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric and policies? Is he right on the money or just making America hate again? Let us know!

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