Did MTV Put Asap Rocky On The Spot At The VMA Awards???

Last night, the MTV VMA awards were highlighted by many special moments like Justin Timberlake’s performance and afterwards receiving the Michael Jackson vanguard award or Katy Perry’s stunning performance under the Brooklyn Bridge or Miley Cyrus showing her ass… or lack of one lol. But to me the most stunning moment of the evening was seeing Asap Rocky looking terrified when he was placed to grace  the stage with former NBA basketball player Jason Collins who recently came out the closet and admitted that he’s gay.

Asap Rocky and Jason Collins were onstage together to introduce rapper Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis to perform their latest single “Same Love” a song that touches on gay rights.


Before the performance, Jason Collins spoke out about gay rights and then the stage was given to Asap Rocky. Asap Rocky looked terrified, but many people myself included were left wondering “Why did they choose Asap Rocky to be included in that portion of the show? Was MTV sending a subliminal shot at the rapper???” Me being the Brooklyn kid I am, had to reach out to several employees I know that worked the event at the Barclay Center to get their input on the energy in the building, and this is what I was told: “The building was buzzing like crazy Akbazz!!!!!  People were whispering, shocked and amazed,” said one employee. Another employee said, “a bunch of rap artists backstage were laughing their ass off when they saw the look on the rapper’s face” and the last employee said they witnessed members of YMCMB looking “shocked and amazed” and some laughing as well. So again, the question is “Why did MTV choose Asap Rocky to appear for that portion of the show??? Why not an openly gay artist like Lady Gaga who speaks out for gay rights???”


Why not Miley Cyrus who’s saggy ass was already slated to be talk of the town??? Why not a gay rights activist representative?? WHY ASAP ROCKY???

MTV who’s known for having crazy moments to promote shock value had to have known that there are rumors in the industry about his sexual preference, and was this an effort to exploit it… or was it their way of asking the rap artist to take a monumental stand on a big stage for the world to see?!!! MTV makes it clear through programs that focus on shock value during their award ceremonies that they look for these moments, and have no problem in aiding and assisting with these moments. Does MTV know something that we don’t know, and scheduled Asap Rocky for that portion of the show for that reason…or was it for shock value??? Inquiring minds would like to know! One thing’s for sure, and two things are for certain: that was a calculated move at it’s best that worked, cuz the social media world was buzzing about it last night.

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