Director Spotlight: Dwayne ‘DC’ Coles & Miss Silawett of 5.2 Global Entertainment Group

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He’s driven, always determined and very down to earth. You’d think his celebrity status would have him like most others you hear about: uppity, arrogant, and snobbish. In interviewing him, I’ve found that he is anything but any of those things. He’s jovial, humorous, and very talkative when he is in the mood. His name is Dwayne ‘DC’ Coles. One of the coldest directors, producers and writers on the scene. Check out his story below…..


He is nowhere near a new name as he has brought us some of our favorite music videos – you know, when music was actually fun, carefree, and entertaining, circa 1990s and 2000s? He did his first 2 music videos for Blackstreet and was head of Film/Video at Teddy Riley’s Funk Mama Records (label).  Coles has worked with such artists as: Destiny’s Child, Jay Z, Sudden Change, Shabba Ranks, Terror Fabulous, Spragga Benz, Capleton feat Method Man, Riff, 411, Steps, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Paula Perry, II D Extreme feat. Cormega, Gina Thompson, Rodney Jerkins, FOD, Chris Webber, Do or Die, Lil’ O, Lady of Rage, Daz Dillenger, Snoop Dog, Baby D, Fox and Mayhem, Daz EFX, Naughty By Nature, Lil’ Italy feat. Silk Tha Shocka, and numerous others.

Does this sway the way he talks, moves, acts? Not at all. He is one of the most genuine people to encounter and his peers feel the biggest void when he is not around.

DC has a goal to go beyond the borders of the USA. He believes just because he started things here, does not mean the boundaries are limited to here when there is a wide world out there. So, together with business partner, actress and recording artist Daniela Sanchez (better known as Miss Silawett), they make up 5.2 Global Entertainment Group. She is not only his first international artist, she is also DC’s “right hand man” so to speak. She’s sleek, daring, sultry, sweet and driven much like him – but she has the ability to see things he cannot. Coles and Sanchez make the perfect match when it comes to business.  They are like the Bonnie & Clyde of entertainment!


5.2 Films is a full fledged multi facet production company, specializing in films, music videos, and commercials. 5.2’s mission is to produce quality projects and develop talent that will be on the cutting-edge of his or her culture and future leaders of his or her industry. 5.2 will cultivate and promote talent via film, television, and music.

Be on the look out for this fantastic duo as they keep hot music videos, intriguing movies and the most phenomenal artists to come your way! You can check out a few more of D.C. Coles’ work in the videos below..

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