Drake Caught Ripping Off “Hold On We’re Going Home” from UK Artist?!

There’s some controversy brewing over Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” video over in the UK with a group called Mason Noise accusing Drake of  stealing their concept.  Both are cinematic-style videos and the accusers point out that there are at least nine other scenes in the video that are almost exactly alike. Mason Noise feel that the similarities between Drake’s cinematic-style video for his single “Hold On We’re Going Home” and their video “Blow The Doors Off” are too numerous to just be a coincidence. If they really did steal the concept, the director of Drake’s video is the real thief..unless Drake participated in the directing process. Check it out and let us know what you think….


Hmmm….Check out Drake’s full-length video for his hit single “Hold On We’re Going Home” and then check out Mason Noise’s video for their single “Blow The Doors Off” after the flip and let us know…did Drake just get caught biting the hell out of another artist’s work or are they reaching?

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