Drug Dealers Posing As Uber Drivers Arrested In the Bronx

It was only a matter of time before this became a thing in NYC. Two brothers from the Bronx were just caught running a drug ring that was using Uber driver to deliver the goods! Check out the details below…

Siblings Alfredo Tejada-Almonte, 34, and Oscar Tejada, 31, allegedly used the drivers to distribute cocaine and heroin to more than 100 customers in the Bronx and upper Manhattan.

The dealers used the Uber cars to avoid looking suspicious as they waited outside buildings for the users to pick up their drug, officials said.

“People would call the two brothers and they would use the Uber cars to drop off the drugs,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.

“I’d be careful with the word legitimate (but) they were Uber drivers. They were in the employ of Uber.”

Dibanny Cortorreal-Marte, 37; Miguel La-Paz Lugo, 37; and Selena Santos, 22, were also arrested on drug charges.

Two of the three were registered Uber drivers.

The unit began investigating the drug crew in February, 2016, and later sent undercovers in to buy cocaine and heroin from them.

On April 27, Detectives Nelson Pabon and James Baez spotted two members of the ring in a Honda Accord in the midst of moving a bag with eight ounces of cocaine into a building on Grand Concourse.

Pabon stopped one of the dealers, who turned out to be Toribio, arrested him and seized the drugs. That bust led to the arrests of the others.

 Officers and federal agents seized a kilo of cocaine, five vehicles, $22,786 in cash and a gun. – via nydailynews
Creative criminal minds at work.


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