Why Is Ex-NBA Star Player Steve Francis Giving Himself a Champagne Shower In a Club Singing ‘Drunk In Love’?! [VIDEO]

WTH is wrong with Steve Francis? NBA fans remember Steve as the high flying guard who tore up the NCAA for a couple of years at Maryland and, for a handful of years, looked like he was on his way to being an all-time great in the NBA. Well, that didn’t happen and the next thing you know he was out of the league. Francis never adjusted his game to his diminishing athleticism. It got to the point where a Chinese team, the Beijing Ducks, gave Stevie Franchise a $800K contract before cutting him after a couple of weeks. Ever since, Francis has been appearing in photos looking like he’s had a very hard life. Nobody knows if it’s heavy drug/alcohol use or if he’s just sick but this video of him circulating the internet giving himself a lonely champagne shower while in club Dream in Miami is just sad for any NBA fan to see. Check it out below…

Stephon Marbury (L.), Steve Francis (R). This is how Steve Francis used to look when he was healthy playing with the New York Knicks…


Steve Francis in 2010…


Steve Francis now…


steve francis twitter



He even dropped a rap video in 2012 that was pure struggle

stever francis in 2014




SMDH…somebody get this guy some help!



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