Florida Woman Buys Woman from Mexico, Holds Her Captive for 2 Years To Impregnate Her With Boyfriend’s Sperm?!

In today’s “WTF?” story of the day, a Florida woman was arrested after it was revealed that she paid smugglers $3,000-$4,000 for a 26-year-old Mexican woman to be her surrogate mother then held her against her will for two-and-a half-years while she tried unsuccessfully to impregnate her by inseminating her with her own boyfriend’s sperm?! Check out the details below…

Esthela Clark, who is originally from Guadalajara but now lives in Jacksonville, Florida, admitted smuggling the victim, who has not been named, in to the US after promising to pay her $3,000 to carry her baby.

She has adult children of her own, some of whom still live in Mexico, but was unable to conceive with her partner between 2012 and 2015.

Once the victim, who also has one child of her own, had been brought from Piedras Negras in Couahila into Texas by bus, she was driven to Jacksonville by smugglers and picked up by Clark and her family in 2012.

They lived together in a small apartment where Clark tried to inseminate her up to four times a day while she was ovulating with her boyfriend Rolando Castellanas’ sperm.

Castellanas is not facing charges

When she failed to conceive, Clark made her have sex with strangers and keep the condoms to do the same. She coldly abused the victim when none of this worked, feeding her only beans from a can, claiming she was ‘too fat’ to get pregnant.

On other occasions she made her sleep in bleach, forced her to strip when she believed she was stealing and hit her with a metal stick. She also forced her to wash the car while scantily dressed in cold weather.

Though the woman was allowed to work, Clark kept all of her earnings and threatened her family in Mexico if she ever tried to escape.

The woman was eventually rescued by a member of their church who suspected she was being abused and involved police. – via dailymail.com

WTH did I just read? This is some sick sh**! How the hell is the boyfriend not facing charges? He was right there while this whole craziness went down. Throw this chick under the cell and throw away the key! The full story is even crazier, if you want to read the rest click here

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