George Foreman Blasts Colin Kaepernick & Kevin Durant for Not Supporting Their “Good President” Donald Trump [VIDEO]

SMH….The only good thing to come out of this Trump presidency is that it continuous to reveal whose who in our society. George Foreman went on Fox News to sing his praises for Donald Trump and slam professional athletes Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant for voicing their concern over social issues. Foreman questioned their sincerity and thanked Trump for helping him out of his bankruptcy crisis back in the early 90’s. Check out what this racoon George Foreman had to say….

Foreman, 68, spoke out on the “Offended America” podcast, offering that those who refuse to stand for the national anthem, like Kaepernick, are just looking for attention.

“I love the United States,” Foreman said. “They [Kevin Durant and Colin Kaepernick] haven’t been brought up with people who were patriotic.”

He added, “A lot of people died so that they can have that privilege.”

Kevin Durant spoke out recently saying he would not go to the White House if the NBA champion Golden State Warriors are invited.

“I don’t respect who’s in office right now,” he said.

Foreman said all athletes during his heyday were appreciative of the privileges to which they had been born.

“We came in the era we were patriotic. The greatest day of my life was when I put on the colors, representing the United States,” he said, referencing his time competing in the Olympics.

The former boxer also said during the podcast that he credits Trump for helping him out of his bankruptcy by sponsoring a Pay-Per-View fight in 1991.

Foreman said Trump is “a good president.” – via FoxNews

SMFH….Throwing out my Foreman grill and adding him to the ever growing list of black celebrity coons who NEVER spoke out about any type of social injustice but have so much to say about Kaepernick’s & Durant’s protest. The fact that George is only saying this because Trump helped him out of a financial jam by sponsoring an old fight, which also made Trump a lot of money, is even more disgusting. You literally sold your soul for a dollar and Fox News did what they usually do and found yet another racoon of the day to spit the rhetoric racists love to hear. Thanks Trump, for revealing yet another Samuel L. Jackson in Django. We’re taking notes and running out of paper!


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