Georgia Father’s Inspirational Videos of Him & His Son Dancing Go Viral! [VIDEO]

A Georgia father wanted to inspire other dads to build strong relationships with their children so he decided to post some videos of him and his 4-year-old son dancing. Now, Stanley Freeland and his son, Josiah, are getting the internet’s attention for the dance videos they post to social media. Their videos have now gone viral racking up thousands of hits and even got the media’s attention! Check out their story below…

Their account @father_like_sonent2404 on Instagram has tons of videos showcasing their fire moves to hip-hop and trap music.

Sometimes, they even rock matching outfits– swag!

“I feel father like son videos bring much joy and peace in the world today,” Freeland said.

The Freelands live in Atlanta, Ga. and dad uses social media as a way to reach and urge other fathers to build strong relationships with their children by doing activities together.

“What inspired me to do the dance videos is seeing my son happy at dances, and seeing him look up to me,” Freeland told FOX 5 DC. – via FoxNews

Now these are the types of images of black men we love to see! The media’s narrative is that black men are the worst fathers so we’d like to take this moment to give you some facts which dispel the myth that black men are somehow quicker to abandon their children than other racial groups: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that black fathers are “more involved with their kids on a daily basis than fathers from other racial groups.” The Pew Research Center has also consistently concluded over the years that there are no significant differences in the parenting styles of black and white fathers, despite the myth that black fatherhood is in a prolonged state of crisis. Both reports measured income, emotional support, time fathers spent reading and eating with their children, and found that black fathers are often leading other fathers in these categories ( So shout out to Stanley Freeland for being the perfect example of fatherhood for not only his son but for other involved black fathers who don’t get the credit they rightfully deserve.

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