High School Faces Backlash for Racist Test Question: “How Likely Is LaPrincess To Inherit LaShamanda’s Big Bootie? ”

WTH?! A high school is under fire after parents discovered that there was a racist science question in their children’s lessons asking whether a woman named LaShamanda would pass on her ‘big bootie’ to her daughter. The question has since been removed but parents are still rightfully upset. Read the details below….

Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, featured a genetics question in which students were asked to work out the likelihood of a child – LaPrincess – getting ‘her mama’s big bootie’.

Outraged parents question seized upon the question’s language, which they said uses racial stereotypes and belittles black people, causing school authorities to withdraw it from tests.

The question, reported by WBTV, was designed to tests whether the students could understand the difference between a dominant trait, which parents are likely to pass on, and a recessive one, which they are not.

The mother of an Ardrey High student said: ‘This is not appropriate language at all for the children in the school’.

However, after renewed complaints the school district distanced itself from the question and said it would be pulled. – Via DailyMail


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