The Irony – Chris Brown Goes On Rant About Celebrities Pretending To Be Gang Members

The irony in this story is strong! Chris Brown, of all people, had the nerve to co-sign a comment about people coming into the industry and suddenly becoming fake gang members. He even went on a rant agreeing with the comment himself screaming about how “THIS CALIFORNIA SH** REAL” and how these “industry ni**as live by no code” among other things. Ironically, being the fact that Chris Brown grew up in Virginia and only started throwing up Blood gang signs after he got into the music industry and moved to LA, many people accuse Chris of being the exact same fake gang member that he’s complaining about! Check it out below and let us know what you think….


Ironically, Chris has gotten criticized for doing just that….





SMH….talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Chris has been trying to convince people that he’s a hardcore Blood gang member for the past few years but no one believes him. The original post sounded like they were specifically about him, actually, which made it more surprising that he even had the nerve to co-sign it. Chris sounds like he’s talking about himself! What do you think about Chris’ ironic rant?

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