Why Isn’t the Media Talking About the 3 White Males Who shot 6 Cops In the Past 5 Days?

This is an interesting article from NY Daily News writer/activist Shaun King about the lack of media coverage of 6 recent police shooting conducted by 3 white men that have gone virtually unnoticed. Check out the details below…

Over this past week, more than any week I can ever remember, the United States is having to face its true demons with white violence, white supremacy and police brutality. While the racist stereotype of American violence continues to be that of a young black man in a hoodie, the reality on the ground simply looks so much different.

Two Iowa police officers were killed early Wednesday in a pair of ambush-style murders. Before the suspect was identified, some people rushed to social media to blame the Black Lives Matter movement. The accused killer turned out to be a Confederate-flag-waving supporter of Donald Trump, white man named Scott Michael Greene. Just a few weeks prior to the shooting, Greene had proudly placed a Trump placard in his front yard. A week before that, he was kicked out of a local high school football game for waving a Confederate flag in the face of black fans.


On Friday, two more police officers were shot outside of St. Louis, Mo. by a 52-year-old white man named Noel Kuebler, Jr. after an armed standoff at the mobile home park where he lived. Unlike the shooting in Iowa, both officers survived.

On Sunday evening in rural Georgia, it happened again. Another angry white man ambushed law enforcement officers. Ralph Elrod, seeingOn Sunday evening in rural Georgia, it happened again. Another angry white man ambushed law enforcement officers. Ralph Elrod, seeing and hearing his black neighbors ride around on 4-wheelers, reportedly decided to leave the house and threaten to kill them. When the neighbors called authorities, Elrod fatally shot one deputy and seriously wounded another, officials said.

In a span of five days, three white men shot at least six different officers. Beyond their whiteness, each shooter has one clear thing in common—they are still alive. That’s wild to me because unarmed African-Americans are far too often shot and killed by police because those officers claimed they feared for their safety. But all three of these suspects are still alive to face charges despite having fired their weapons at police.

The majority of people who shoot and kill police in this country are white men. We’ve crossed the threshold where blaming Black Lives Matter or President Obama for the violence faced by police in this country is about as ridiculous as letting a pedophile host a sleepover with your teenage daughters. – via nydailynews

SMH…can you imagine if these rash of shootings were committed by black men? Donald Trump would be using them to scare more gullible people into believing that Black Lives Matter was behind them and that he needs to be elected to restore “law and order”. For all of those conservatives who believe that the “liberal media” has an agenda to make white men look bad, it looks like they dropped the ball on this one! Welcome to America, where dollars dictate what the media chooses to show you. S/O to Shaun King from the NY Daily News for always posting much needed articles like these.

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