Jim Jones Cries Talking About Dipset Breakup & Addresses Cam’Ron Running On Him At Rucker Park

Jim Jones got emotional during his interview with Flex last night while discussing his relationship with Cam’Ron and the origins of Dipset. During one particular moment, Jim cried talking about the blood, sweat and tears he feels he put into Dipset and even mentioned that epic moment at Rucker Park that was caught on camera where Jim got jumped by Junior Mafia members back inthe day. Check it out below …

Skip to the 16:00 mark to see Jim get emotional….

This is the epic brawl with Junior Mafia that Jim briefly addressed that was caught on tape where Cam ran and left Jim to fight about 20 dudes himself…

Jim does sound sincere here. We always wondered how he felt about being left for dead in that situation at the Rucker. That footage definitely contradicted the image Dipset portrayed of being a unified crew that had eachother’s backs and it didn’t help that it happened in their own hometown of Harlem. What do YOU think about what Jim had to say?

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