Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemand Gets New Trial After His Murder-for-Hire Conviction Trial Is Thrown Out

The notorious founder of Czar Entertainment, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, caught a huge break in court yesterday after his murder for-hire-conviction was overturned Tuesday. The man who Tupac accused back in the 90s of setting him up to be shot on his infamous track ‘The Realest Sh** I Ever Wrote’ has been granted a new murder trial. Check out the details below….

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court ruled that Rosemond will receive a new trail due to errors made by the judge in his case for the 2009 murder of G-Unit affiliate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher.

In a statement to All Hip-Hop, Rosemond thanked family and friends for supporting him throughout the court battle, as well as the series Unjust Justice for “exposing the inequality and injustice” involving the case.

Further in the statement, the 51-year-old Brooklyn native blasted former federal prosecutor Todd Kiminsky and “his insisted informants,” which includes Rosemond’s former associate Akil Abdullah, who testified against him in court.

“I will let God judge you for what you’ve done to me, but now it’s time to fix what you’ve done,” vowed Rosemond, before closing out with a message to former friends and the music industry.


“To my so-called friends and the music business that have abandoned me, the devil is a liar and now you’ve seen the devil and its details,” he proclaimed.

Rosemand was originally sentenced to life in prison (plus 20 years( for Fletcher’s murder. According to prosectors, the slaying came out of retaliation for Fletcher and Tony Yayo assaulting Rosemond’s then 14-year-old son, during an on-going feud between 50 Cent and the former music manager.

But attorney Michael Rayfield believes that the latest legal victory is a “major step,” on Rosemond’s “path to justice.”

Despite winning a new trial, Rosemond is serving a life sentence for a slew of charges involving drug trafficking. However, the newly-overturned conviction could set the stage for a dismissal of addition charges as the same witnesses were used to convict Rosemond following his 2011 arrest on charges of cocaine trafficking, money laundering, and more.

Prosecutors argued that Rosemond used dealings within the music industry as a front for a multi-million cocaine operation, which led to his conviction in 2013. – via vibe

This news definitely has some people shaking in their boots! Jimmy’s name and reputation was known in these streets and we’re sure his prison sentence, thus far, has revealed a lot of people’s true feelings for him. We wonder what 50 is going to  say about this? We’ll keep you posted on this story as it develops.

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