Kanye West Gets Booed & Trash Thrown At Him After Saying He Would’ve Voted for Trump – If He Voted [FULL VIDEO]

Kanye West is catching hell on social media right now for some pro-Trump comments he made at a concert last night in California. After expressing his support for Trump and his debate style, West got booed and trash thrown at him by his own fans after he said, “I didn’t vote but if I did, I would have voted for Trump”…

Lol…his explanation made it even worse and they were not trying to hear that b.s. Kanye was talking. What makes this worse is that he chose to do this in California, a state that Hillary Clinton won by a majority. Remember, this is the same guy that famously said, “Bush doesn’t care about black people”. The old Kanye is gone and now we’re stuck with this coonish clown….SMH.


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