Karrueche’s Neighbor Backs Up Her Story of Chris Brown Physically Abusing Her: “I’ve Heard Him Beating Her Myself & Called Police”

They say there are two sides to every story and somewhere in between lies the truth. Fans who have been paying attention to the domestic abuse allegations and the restraining order leveled against Chris Brown this week by his ex-girlfriend Karrueche have been divided on who was actually telling the truth. Karrueche says she feared that Chris would follow through on threats he allegedly made about killing her while Chris’ friends claim she fabricated the entire story because she was jealous Chris had finally moved on. Well, a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter by the name of Kay Cola, who happens to be Karrueche’s next-door neighbor, is now speaking up in defense of Karrueche and claims that she can actually verify her physical abuse allegations because she called police after she heard it herself! Check out what she had to say below and let us know what you think….

Chris Brown fans/internet trolls came for her head but she was unbothered by it….

Not sure why people don’t believe Chris is capable of being physically abusive given his past and the fact that he has already admitted to being a pyscho stalker…

And remember those pics of Chris stalking her outside of a club in L.A.?

Chris has shows every sign of being a psycho abuser for a long time and the neighbor is right, his fans who keep trying to justify his behavior are making him worse. He actually thinks it cute to be a stalker? We used to jokingly call him the light-skinned Bobby Brown but even Bobby wasn’t this bad. Beating up on women, especially one as tiny as Karrueche, is a cowardly move and someone needs to knock his ass out if you ask us. What do YOU think? Do you believe Karrueche’s accusations or do you think she’s just making them up? Let us know! 

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