Kentucky Deputies Get Into Brawl With Eachother In Front of Inmates [VIDEO]

A video is going viral showing some Kentucky deputies getting into a brawl with eachother in front of other prisoners. Check it out below….

In the footage, two men are seen yelling at each other, Deputy Jailer Joe Funk sitting at a desk behind glass and Sheriff’s Deputy Clennon Smith walking up with a bag in his hand. The altercation escalates as Funk walks out to Clennon, who then grabs the jailer by the neck. Several people arrive to try to break up the fight.

It doesn’t end there. The men go at it again a few moments later and fall to the floor. The other have to pull the two employees apart.

Officials said the fight began when the sheriff’s deputy tried to hand property of an inmate over to Funk, and Funk allegedly threw it back at Clennon.

Funk was arrested and charged with menacing, resisting arrest and assault. He was suspended with pay.

Smith remains on the job. – via nbcmiami

Suspended with pay and the other keeps his job with no repercussions? If these were the prisoners they were supposed to be watching, they would be thrown in the hole and facing more prison time on their sentence. These are the people who are allowed into law enforcement? The hypocrisy is real!

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