Laila Ali Responds To Critics Who Say She’s Disgracing Her Father’s Legacy with Her ‘All Lives Matter’ Comments [VIDEO]

Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila Ali is doubling down on comments she made in a Huff Post Live interview that rubbed many people the wrong way where she basically said that she is not supporting the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement because she doesn’t want to lose endorsements. Many felt that she was disgracing her father’s iconic legacy with her stance and were quick to let her know via her social media pages. Check out her response to the criticism below and let us know what you think…..

“I started getting calls that people were outraged on social media, they were calling me a coon, calling me a sellout, saying that I was a disgrace to my father,” she said.

I said ‘You know what on my Facebook page I don’t post pro-black content because I don’t want people to feel alienated.’ My Facebook page is mainly dedicated to my lifestyle blog where I post content about fitness. I don’t post content that everybody can’t relate to. The second thing I said was when you have sponsors, when you have to worry about being politically correct.

“The last thing that I think really upset people is when I said, ‘black lives matter, white lives matter, asian lives matter, all lives matter.’ That’s what my focus is.

SMH….If your fans feel “alienated” because you choose to stand up for the basic human rights of your own people then you shouldn’t want them as fans in the first place. Your father never worried about alienating people who didn’t understand what he was saying, he just spoke the truth and nothing but the truth, regardless of how it might affect his pockets. Laila just needs to quit the weak explanations while she’s behind if you ask us but what do you think? Are her recent comments a disgrace to her father’s legacy or nah? Let us know!


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