Award-Winning Director Lee Daniels Claims Racism Isn’t “Real” So He Doesn’t “Embrace” It [VIDEO]

Award winning director Lee Daniels created a firestorm on social media today after he made a statement on The View that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Lee said, “I wouldn’t be where I was if I embraced racism. If I embraced it, then it became real. And if it became real, I would be an angry Black man.” Many felt that that Lee was forgetting the fact that racism is a very real issue

While we think we get what he’s trying to say…we don’t. Of course, you should never let racism hold you back in life but pretending that racism doesn’t exist doesn’t stop it – it actually makes it worse. Racism is very real for the many people who became victims of it. Ask the caretaker  of that Autistic child who was shot by cops while he had his hands in the air. Ask the millions of black people who were thrown in jail while their white counterparts who committed the exact same crime were given probation. Ask the thousands of unarmed black men and women who have been fatally shot & killed or mysteriously died while in police custody. Ask the KKK and Neo Nazis a.k.a. the Alt-Right how they feel about Jews, immigrants and people of color. These celebrities need to spend less time in their celebrity bubbles and more time in the real world with the rest of us before they make stupid comments like this on national TV if you ask us. What do you think about Lee Daniel’s comments?

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