Lil Wayne Says He Feels No Connection To Black Lives Matter: “Don’t Come At Me With That Dumb Sh**, Maam” [VIDEO]

Lil Wayne stirred up some controversy with some comments he made regarding his disconnection to the Black Lives Matter movement on ‘Nightline’ recently. In the interview, the rapper claimed that he can’t relate to the BLM movement because he is a young, rich and black man with a white cameraman recording him. He also told the interviewer that any struggles that black people are going through have nothing to do with him and warned her not to “come at me with that dumb sh**” among other things. Check out the footage below…

What makes Lil Wayne’s statement even more strange is the fact that he actually has a few songs addressing racism and he just screamed out ‘Black Lives Matter’ at a concert recently? Check out the footage below….

SMFH….we don’t even know why they ask this idiot about social issues. Any black man who says that there is no racism in America needs to get their head examined. What makes this even more head scratching is the fact that this is the same guy that came out with a protest song called “Georgia Bush” right after Hurricane Katrina hit which specifically criticized George Bush for his treatment of Louisiana’s black population during the hurricane. Lately, Lil Wayne has made it abundantly clear in this interview and others, that as long as he’s rich, he doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. In his narcissistic world, if he doesn’t directly experience racism on a daily basis, then it doesn’t exist and is nothing but a figment of black people’s imaginations. If we had any shred of respect for Lil Wayne, we lost it a while ago. Add him to the growing list of coon black entertainers who have revealed themselves during these trying times. This ninja is LOST if you ask us. What do YOU think?

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