Maryland Mother Fatally Shoots Son Over an Argument Over Video Game

 A 48-year-old mother from Maryland by the name of Angelique Chase has been charged with murdering her 17-year-old son Christopher Perry after they had an argument over a video game. Yes..a video game…SMH. Check out the details below…

According to two law enforcement sources, Perry was playing video games in the living room with another family member when his mother heard what she thought was offensive language. When Chase confronted her son, the two got into a verbal argument that turned physical.

Sources said Chase then went downstairs where she grabbed a revolver and confronted her son again – shooting him once in the chest.

During an interview with police, Chase indicated to them that she did not mean to fire and was lowering the pistol when it went off.

Detectives who responded to the scene Thursday night initially charged Chase with second-degree murder after listening to her story. She had told detectives the gun went off as she was lowering it to the ground.

However, after speaking with prosecutors, a decision was made to add in the charge of first-degree murder while armed.

“During the course of the investigation, the investigators consulted with our State’s Attorney’s Office – during the course of the dispute, they found evidence that may indicate that the suspect had in mind to engage in this activity instead of being in the heat of the moment-type environment,” said Prince George’s County Cpl. Lamar Robinson.

Robinson added this may have been pre-meditated, “but that is still under investigation right now.”

According to court documents, investigators say the family member inside the home separated the mother and son during the altercation prior to the shooting. Chase told the family member to leave the room and go into the basement.

“While in the basement, the family member stated that the defendant went downstairs to the basement into a room and went back upstairs,” the court document said. “Moments later he heard what he described as a ‘loud bang.’ The family member then heard the defendant on the phone advising Prince George’s County Public Safety Communications that the decedent had been shot.”

Neighbors said the 17-year-old lived alone with his mother at their house on Buckler Road. He was a senior student at Grace Brethren Christian School just down the street from where they lived. – via lovelyti

SMH….this is crazy. Sounds like she was on some “I brought you into this world so I can take you out” and really did it! Now she’ll have to spend the rest of her life in jail for killing her own child. Two lives wasted over something so petty…SMH. R.I.P. to that young man. What do YOU think about this situation?

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