NBA Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone, and like usual it was full of surprises. While no “top” names were traded on Thursday, there was plenty of action. While some teams improved by making a trade or multiple, it was what some teams didn’t do that was telling as well. Now that the deadline is over, NBA betting lines are sure to look a little different moving forward…


Cleveland Cavaliers: Cleveland was by the far the most active team on deadline, making three separate trades that shipped out six players and brought in four fresh faces. Change was clearly needed in Cleveland as things were quickly heading south and the Cavaliers look vastly different moving forward. Isaiah Thomas is now gone, and Cleveland ridded itself some of its older and slower players in an effort to play faster and gain athleticism. Youngsters Larry Nance, Jordan Clarkson, and Rodney Hood should provide just that, while veteran George Hill will give the Cavs a much better fit in the backcourt alongside LeBron James than Isaiah Thomas.

Los Angeles Lakers: Whether Isaiah Thomas regains his old form and whether or not he would even be in the Lakers future plans is up for debate, but either way the Lakers made out well in their trade with Cleveland. LA managed to rip a first round pick out of Cleveland’s hands while giving up two young players that didn’t figure to be in their long-term plans. Losing Nance and Clarkson will hurt a little, but more important is the potential cap space the Lakers created to attract stars down the line. LeBron James and Paul George, anyone? Not all trades a win-win for both sides, but this one seems to be.


Boston Celtics: While Cleveland was busy overhauling their roster, Boston missed a prime opportunity to further their separation. While the Celtics are going to land Greg Monroe to help upfront, Boston could have used another scorer off the bench and they have the assets to have done so. After being linked to Tyreke Evans for weeks, failing to acquire him is a bit disappointing for Celtics fans.

Los Angeles Clippers: Mediocre is the worst place to be in the NBA and it is exactly where the Los Angeles Clippers seem to be. After losing Chris Paul and trading Blake Griffin to Detroit, the Clippers seemed primed for a rebuild, but their actions on deadline day didn’t trend that way. Signing Lou Williams for multiple years and holding on to Deandre Jordan who figures to bolt after this season are curious moves for a team who recently traded their best player. The Clippers need to commit to the rebuild or they may end up stuck in the middle of the pack.

Even though the NBA trade deadline has passed, teams can still change their fortunes via buy-outs. The next few weeks will bring about more players coming free and teams like Boston and Cleveland, among others will have the chance to add more firepower for the stretch run. – via betphoenix

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