New Study Says That Black Men In Atlanta Have 60% Chance of Getting HIV Before Age 30?!

A disturbing new study has been released by a nonprofit organization which claims that black men in Atlanta have a 60% chance of contracting HIV by the age of 30!? Check out the details below…

The Health Institute for Men (HIM) was founded in 2012 but became a nonprofit in 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. The grassroots service vows to assist men (many of whom are African-American) in the city whose health may be at risk, which may include men who have been incarcerated, are homeless, or are in situations that may expose them to viruses such as HIV, according to Atlanta Blackstar.

“The reaction has been positive to what we’re doing, and because the need for men’s supportive health services is significant, I think it hasn’t taken a lot of convincing,” said Executive Director of HIM Walker Tisdale III.

In an interview with Atlanta Blackstar’s S.C. Rhyne, Tisdale further explains the work of HIM. “The focus of our work is to support all men and service providers working with vulnerable men to better provide culturally relevant mental health service, appropriate infectious disease care and other evidence-based health interventions, said Tisdale. “As an institute, we are up to this challenge because in 2014, we must.”

And, according to health statistics, the attention that HIM is providing to adult males really is needed. In March 2014, concluded that based on the amount of black Atlanta men who are contracting HIV, a se×ually active black man who starts to sleep with other people at 18-years-old has a 60% chance of contracting HIV before he turns 30.

The study doesn’t indicate the difference between heterosexual and homosexual men, so this may be a determining factor. – Via ILBP

Now that’s scary! A ll those DL dudes in ATL need to cut it out and be real with their partners about their sexuality or else this situation will just get worse…SMH.

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