Ohio Teen Couple Commits Suicide Days Apart After Leaving Videos [VIDEO]

SMDH….An 18-yr-old college freshman by the name of Mercedes Smith and her boyfriend, 17-yr-old Markeice Brown both committed suicide less than a day or so apart from eachother. On April 20th, Mercedes was found in her dorm room unresponsive and was said to have been suffering from depression. Friends say Smith’s friends blamed Markeice for her death and he just couldn’t take it…making a video showing his pain just before he also committed suicide. Check out the tragic details below…

SMDH…this is so sad. Two young lives lost and dozens of family and friends left to pick up the pieces. Some people have blamed Netflix’s popular hit series “13 Reasons Why” which depicts a teenager committing suicide after leaving thirteen videos accusing her fellow classmates of pushing her over the edge. Whether or not that show played any part in this particular story has yet to be confirmed but what we do know is that depression in the black community has been a taboo issue for too long and it needs to be addressed in a REAL way! R.I.P. to these two teens gone way too soon and our thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends.

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