Queens Assemblyman Wants To Make It a Crime To Deliberately Remove a Condom During Sex a.k.a “Stealthing”

This should’ve been considered a crime a long time ago! Looking to address a practice known as “stealthing,” a Queens assemblyman wants to make it a felony to deliberately remove or tamper with a condom during sex without a partner’s consent. Check out the details below…

A person convicted of stealthing could face up to four years in prison under the bill, set to be introduced by Assemblyman Francisco Moya.

According to the legislation, a person can be charged if he or she agrees to have sex on the condition that a sexually protective device like a condom, diaphragm, dental dam or sponge is used and then the person intentionally removes or damages it without permission before or during the lovemaking.

Wisconsin and California already have bills that would criminalize stealthing. Those supporting such legislation say stealthing is another form of rape or sexual assault.

It’s unclear in New York just how widespread the problem is.

“From what we’ve seen and read from other states, it’s becoming common enough that we have to look for legislation that handles this issue before it becomes out of control,” Moya said.

It’s also unclear how difficult or easy it would be to prove a charge of stealthing since it would likely come down to a he-said-she-said situation.

“Like with any rape case, it would be on the prosecutors to determine what happens through the use of evidence and testimony,” Moya said.

Brodsky told the Daily News Wednesday that in some cases, people who have done it or been victimized have written about it online. In one case cited in her report, a person was texted by her assailant telling her what happened. – via nydailynews

Knowingly giving a person an STD is already a crime so knowingly putting someone at risk to catch one should be one too. With all the STDs running rampant, its surprising that they are only now considering this. People, both men and women, have been doing things like this since condoms were invented. The old “poke a hole in a condom” trick is just another variation. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this bill but in the meantime, be careful out there people!

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