St. Louis Residents Ban Young Thug After His Comments About Mike Brown

Rapper Young Thug stirred up some criticism for his recent comments during an interview when he was asked a question about the Mike Brown killing in Ferguson, St. Louis. Apparently, Young Thug couldn’t care less about the issue and let it be known that he was too busy having fun and wearing iced out jewelry! Well, St. Louis residents didn’t take to kindly to Young Thug’s nonchalant attitude about the killing and even threatened to make the Lou a ‘no-fly zone’ for him and ban him from performing in their area. Check it out below…

Bossip: Do you think the media blows things out of proportion on social media?

Young Thug: “No, I don’t think so.”

Bossip: They’re a doing a special on Mike Brown and the Ferguson situation. What do think needs to be changed in the way black men are policed in America?

Young Thug: “Leave that up with the critics and the laws and all that other shit. We having fun, we iced out, we having money. That’s how we doing it.”

S.Louis residents quickly let their dissatisfaction with Young Thug’s comments be known….


SMH…Tupac is probably rolling around in his grave right now looking at this hip hop industry. This is the same guy they let slide for wearing little girl skirts, red nail polish and call other men his “hubby” and “lovers” so I don’t know what people really expected from him. His response was ignorant and kind of hard to understand…just like his music! Do you think St. Louis residents are right or are they overreacting?

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