Selfies Gone Wild? Teens Compete for Most Dangerous Pose in “Selfie Olympics”

A new trend has popped up on social media sites with teens competing against eachother in what’s being called the “Selfie Olympics”. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users are asked to join in the game of making the most dangerous and outlandish selfie ever and to then post it on social media. SMH…check out the ridiculousness below….

A leg up: Teens try to out do each other one selfie at a time

Hang on a minute: other selfie takers may not want to try this dangerous pose at home

Taking selfies in their sleep: This teen managed to take a selfie of himself balancing on the door all while taking a little snooze

Eat that: One gymnast dared to take a selfie whilst eating pizza and striking an athletic pose

Not so easy rider: This teen tried to incorporate his little siblings bike into this risky pose

Getting some air: This selfie defies gravity and reality

Brush up your skills: This teen can brush her teeth while she takes a selfie with her toes

Can't stand it: This selfie of a teen doing a handstand in the sink could very wrong very quickly

Upscale: Climbing doors seems to be popular among selfie Olympics players

Toe-tally Selfie Olympics: The toes is a popular tool among Selfie Olympics contenders

When one door opens: A teenager decides to snap a photo for the Selfie Olympics

Isn't it Ironic: This selfie taker irons upside down and catches it on his i-phone

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