Shots Fired! 50 Cent Responds To Our Article & Blasts Chaz Williams for Mentioning His Name

Ok, so we may have…sort of…accidentally started some sh**! Yesterday, we posted a story about Black Hand Entertainment CEO Chazz Williams and his current lawsuit against BET for mentioning his name in connection with that infamous shooting of 50 Cent back in 2000 that almost took the rap star’s life [click here if you missed it]. Well 50 caught wind of the article & went off! It turns out 50 isn’t on good terms with Chazz and didn’t appreciate his name being mentioned at all. In true 50 fashion, he didn’t mince any words and used our article to BLAST Chazz on his Instagram page this morning! Check it out below…



Damn Fif’, tell ’em how you really feel! We’re not trying to instigate here but Chazz Williams has already let us know that he has gotten wind of 50’s response so we’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops!

In case you missed the story that got under 50’s skin, check it out below…

Chaz is now suing BET for tortious interference, defamation, and unfair business practice. The former manager of Foxy Brown, 50 Cent and Grafh says the complaint stems from a story BET ran on their website that included false information about Williams.

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